Student Services Council


  1. Develops recommendations for district-wide policies and procedures.
  2. Determines effectiveness indicators for Student Services.
  3. Reviews annual student success reports to assess progress.
  4. Serves as a forum for discussion of initiatives and encourages excellence and innovation.
  5. Considers Student Services initiatives to determine validity for district-wide adoption and garner support for implementation.
  6. Monitors Closing the Gaps Participation and Success targets to ensure institutional progress in meeting these goals.
  7. Evaluates the progress toward meeting designated goals of the Master Plan.
  8. Reviews college priorities to deliver exemplary services to current and prospective students.
  9. Coordinates the planning and development of Student Services programs with college-wide Councils and Departments.
  10. Coordinates services to provide consistency among all college sites.
  11. Promotes opportunities for student leadership and participation in the shared governance process at the college.   

Recommendations: Forwarded to the President/CEO.

FY15 Meeting Dates: To be announced

Meeting agendas and minutes

Other questions about the SSC can be referred to

Chair (appointed by the President):
Kathleen Christensen, VP, Student Services, 223-1909,

Faculty Co-chair (elected by the Council): 
Patti Singleton, Faculty, 223-6262,


NOTICE: Based on recommendation of the Shared Governance Review Council, employee organization changes to committees and councils will occur in September. Changes in appointments will be posted at the end of September (unless otherwise noted).

PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail ID
Ex Officio Members 
(serve by virtue of the position held)
Executive Director, Admissions and Records, Linda Kluck Ex Officio HBC 3-7503 lkluck
VP, Student Support and Success Systems Kathleen Christensen Ex Officio HBC 3-1909 kchriste
Executive Director, Financial Aid & VA Terry Bazan Ex Officio HBC 3-7550 tbazan
Director, IT Applications Development Andrew Christie Ex Officio SVC 3-1181 achristi
Registrar Glynis Miller Ex Officio HBC 3-7850 glynis.miller
Supervisor, Admissions and Records Charlotte McDowell Ex Officio NRG 3-4774 mcdowell
Publications and Creative Services Director Patty Scogin Ex Officio HBC 3-7215 pscogin
Director, Student Accounts Cheryl Coe Ex Officio SVC 3-1104 ccoe
Cashier Supervisor Connie Faber Ex Officio SVC 3-1070 cfaber
Early College Start Mison Zuniga Ex Officio HBC 3-7355 mzuniga
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices
(1-year terms)
Campus Dean/Student Services Louella Tate VP, Student Service RRC 3-0045 ltate
Campus Manager TBA EVP, College Operations TBA TBA TBA
Distance Learning Amy Setter Director, DL PIN 3-8226 amy.setter
Counselor Gloria Sutton TBA RVS 3-6173 gjsutton
OSD Specialist Tony Wright VP, Student Service PIN 3-8186 twright2
Advising Specialist Tracy Kopp VP, Student Service CYP 3-2015 szanto
Adult Basic Education Susan Gusler Director, ABE HBC 3-7793 sgusler
Representatives of ACC Constituencies
(1-year term)
Full-Time Faculty Senate TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Full-Time Faculty Senate TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Adjunct Faculty Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Association of Professional/Technical Employees TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Classified Employees Association TBA Association Pres. TBA TBA TBA
Student Government Association TBA Association Pres. RGC TBA TBA