Student Rights and Responsibilities Committee


1. Establish a clear set of student expectations regarding scholastic integrity.
2. Review and simplify procedures related to student complaints, grievances, and appeals, ensuring due process rights.
3. Develop clear, concise definitions of what constitutes a complaint and a grievance.
4. Establish a simple checklist of steps a student should follow when filing a complaint or grievance.
5. Outline alternative options available to a student other than filing a complaint or grievance.
6. Outline parameters that will allow for complaints and grievances which are related, to be combined into one review process.
Recommendations: Forwarded to the Student Services Council.

FY15 Meeting Dates: To be announced

Meeting agendas and minutes

Other questions about the SRRC can be referred to Cheryl Richard.

Chair (appointed by the VP, Student Services): Cheryl Richard , Director, Student Life, RGC, 223.3120.

Co-Chair (elected by Committee)Voncille Wright, Student Services Dean, RGC, 223.3128.