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Request a Work-Study Position

The Federal College Work-Study Program (FWS) and the Texas Work-Study Program (TXWS) provide ACC with funds to hire eligible students to work while attending ACC.

  • ACC offices interested in hiring work-study students must complete and submit the Request for a College Work~Study Student Form.
  • The Financial Aid Office will prioritize work-study positions based on guidelines established by the College. To the extent possible, ACC will try to provide work-study jobs that complement and reinforce each recipient’s educational program or career goals.
  • The goal of the work-study program is to encourage students to work and earn money while attending ACC.  Students may decline to accept a work-study position that requires them to leave their home campus.
  • To be eligible for a work-study assignment, students must complete the financial aid application process, demonstrate need based on federal guidelines, and enroll for a minimum of six college credits in any term in which they occupy a work-study position. Students must be meeting Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress standards to be eligible for funding consideration.
  • Work-study students earn $11.00 to $11.50 per hour. The Financial Aid Office assigns the pay level based on the type of work involved in the work-study position. Funds to pay these students come from the Federal Government or the State of Texas and are matched by ACC. Departments do not need to worry about finding the resources to pay these students; the Financial Aid Office takes care of that through our allocation of Federal and State funding.
  • The number of hours a student may work each semester varies based on their award amount. The maximum that a student may work is 19 hours per week. Students may not work more hours than indicated in their award letters.
  • Completing a College Work-Study Employee Requisition does not guarantee that an office will receive a work-study student. ACC has many more work-study positions than students waiting to fill them. However, the Financial Aid Office will do its best to honor all requests.

If you have any questions about the ACC Work-Study Program or the College Work-Study Employee Requisition, contact your Financial Aid Campus office.

The request forms can also be found on the ACC Forms Inventory website under College Work-Study Employee Requisition. You may now submit the form online through email. When you click the submit button on the form, select the email program of your choice to send the form.

CampusFinanical Aid ContactRoom
CYP Stacy Flood CYP 2114
EGN Yolanda Gibson EGN 1155
EVC Vanessa Verstuyft EVC 2156
HBC Jason Edens  HBC 306
HLC Caroline Hernandez HLC 2300
HYS Lionel Salinas HYS 1107
NRG Frank Guttierrez NRG 1106
PIN Juanita Chable  SAC 1103
RGC Gail Braswell  RGC A154
RVS Latisha Marion  RVS G8140
RRC Marissa Burill RRC 1109
SAC Juanita Chable SAC 1103
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