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Shared Governance Review Council


  1. Reviews and make recommendations to the President with respect to, the structure, functions, and membership of councils and committees at ACC.
  2. Hears, reviews, and reports its findings related to requests for a shared governance review of an action made in the governance ACC.
  3. Delivers a report annually to the President, the Board of Trustees, and the ACC community concerning the state of shared governance structures and processes at ACC.

Understanding Shared Governance at ACC:

ACC is committed to fostering collaboration, communication, and access to information among its faculty, staff, and students.  Accordingly, the Board of Trustees has adopted Policy C-5 to address Shared Governance and the College has adopted Administrative Rule 3.05.005 to implement that policy. For more information about shared governance at ACC, go to the discussion of the Shared Governance at ACC available in the ACC Organizational Reference.

Requesting a Shared Governance Review

To support ACC’s commitment to shared governance, a procedure has been established according to which a member of the ACC community may request a review of an action made in the governance of ACC. The purpose of such a review is to consider solely whether the action was made in accordance with ACC’s shared governance policy, rules, and/or procedures. If your interest is to have a decision reversed or changed, consult ACC’s Grievance Procedures.

Report on Shared Governance at ACC

The Shared Governance Review Council delivers an annual report concerning the state of shared governance structures and processes at ACC.  Council’s procedures with respect to these reports.

FY16 Meetings: To be announced

Meeting agendas and minutes

Chair (appointed by the President): Dr. Wade Bradfute, 223.8007.
Vice-Chair (elected by Council): Stephen Bassett, 223.2080.


PositionNameAppointed byCampusPhoneEmail ID
Ex Officio Members 
(serve by virtue of the position held)
Chair Dr. Wade Bradfute President PIN 3-8007 rbradfut
Representatives of Job Functions or College Offices (1-year terms)
Administrator Neil Vickers President SVC 3-1078 nvickers
Administrator Virginia Fraire President HBC 3-7056 vfraire
Administrator Mike Midgley President HBC 3-7579 midgley
Representatives of ACC Constituencies (1-year terms)
Full-Time Faculty Senate, President Mariano Diaz-Miranda Association RVS 3-6363 marianod
Full-Time Faculty Senate, President-Elect Suzanne McFadden Association RVS 3-6363 smcfadde
Full-Time Faculty Senate, Past President Rennison Lalgee Association NRG 3-4044 rlalgee
Adjunct Faculty Association, President Mario Aguilar Association RGC 512.494.1916 maguilar
Adjunct Faculty Association, President-Elect Vanessa Faz Association TBA TBA vfaz
Adjunct Faculty Association, Past President Matthew Pappas Association TBA TBA mpappas
Association of Professional-Technical Employee, President Melissa Biegert Association HBC 3-7686 melissa.biegert
Association of Professional-Technical Employees, President-Elect Laura Lucas Association HLC 3-7376 llucas
Association of Professional-Technical Employees, Past President Stephen Bassett Association CYP 3-2080 sbassett
Classified Employees Association, President Cameron Keel Association NRG 3-4726 ckeel
Classified Employees Association, President Elect Robert "Bob" Bohannan Association TBA TBA rbohanna
Classified Employees Association, Past President Bernadette Hinterlong Association RRC 3-0320 bhinterl
Student Government Association, President Ali Judice Association N/A 3-3117 alison.judice
Student Government Association, Vice President Carrie Woodruff Association N/A 3-3117 TBA
Student Government Association, JCSGA Secretary Alfonso Peña Association N/A 3-3117 TBA
Administrator Charles Cook President HBC 3-7612 charles.cook
Assistant, Senior Administrative Irene Castillo-Alonzo TBA PIN 3-8108 irene.castillo-alonzo
Assistant I, Executive Margaret McClellen TBA HBC 3-7053 mmcclell
Administrator Molly Beth Malcolm President HBC 3-7683 mollybeth.malcolm
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