Student Success Initiative


Get Involved

It Takes a College!

Whether you are a faculty, staff, administrator, student, or board member, we all have a role to play in student success. We encourage you to attend the various events and workshops planned throughout the year.

The Student Success Initiative (SSI) is ACC's commitment to ensure students reach their academic goals, which are as diverse as the students themselves. Whether a student plans to complete a single course, earn an associate degree, or transfer to a university, the college is working to improve learning outcomes. SSI benefits all students while providing extra support for those who are at risk for dropping out or not meeting their education goals. These often include first-time-in-college students, minority students, students who are not yet college-ready, and those who are economically disadvantaged.

When it comes to student success, everyone at ACC has a role to play. To help faculty and staff better understand achievement gaps, ACC disaggregates student data by race, economic status, gender, and other factors such as teaching delivery methods. Through this "culture of evidence," the college identifies best practices and develops innovative learning techniques.

ACC believes each student has the potential to accomplish great things. At the end of the day, student success is why we're here.