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"I had to overcome many obstacles to get here. The first obstacle was to live down the belief that was ingrained in me that I was not good enough or smart enough to attend college much less graduate. I had to start in a developmental math courses, and thanks to those great professors."  JPEG Image "I took some diverse classes and realized that I loved science, and math wasn’t as hard as I remembered. When I was younger, I felt pushed into the language arts and it felt like, in part, because I was female. Since I’ve started back to school, not only have I found that I love the sciences – I’m not too shabby at them either. One of my teachers even told me I was a natural. I’m never going to forget that. "
  "I started college as a functionally illiterate adult, and I had to take developmental classes (math, writing, study skills, and reading) to help build a strong foundation toward my goal of graduation."  
"Before ACC I was a drop out student. ACC helped me get my G.E.D and start college classes. Classes are small and all the teachers are great. I’m happy I chose ACC."  JPEG Image "I am the first person in my entire family to attend and graduate college. My family had very little money and could not afford to pay for it. ACC gave me the jumpstart I needed."
Accent-Banner-961x367 In other universities, you are just any other body occupying space. I find that here, I’ve never had a teacher who did not know my name by the second week of class! 

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