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Leadership and Diversity

Leadership and Diversity

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After teaching at ACC for 25 years, I have found that my most exciting experience is seeing my students do their service-learning projects. These projects involve reading, writing and researching service learning so they begin to apply their knowledge outside the classroom to the college or the community.


JPEG Image I’ve been teaching at ACC since the summer of 1989 and from that first experience, ACC has always supported me with equipment and supplies I need to teach effectively. From those early days with 16mm films to today with Blackboard course management system, “clickers,” podcasts, and multimedia classrooms, ACC provides the tools to help my students learn better and to make learning a truly interactive experience.
 I made a decision to explore a teaching opportunity at ACC and it has been a breath of fresh air. The students are great, the other faculty members are helpful and the learning environment is outstanding. ACC has truly become a second home and a place to grow for me and my students.




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