Faculty Resources

Be prepared
Use the best teaching practices
Be connected
Find and Use Support Systems
Be proactive
Help students be successful
  • Create a supportive and safe learning environment for all students
  • Respect the diversity of ACC students
  • Set high expectations for students, and clearly define what students need to do to be successful
  • Explain your syllabus, calendar, and grading policy to students
  • Provide clear guidelines for activities and assignments
  • Respond to students in a timely manner
  • Introduce students to each other by taking time for classroom activities
  • Engage  students by using the best pedagogical approaches
  • Practice active and collaborative learning strategies in the classroom through:
  1. Technology in your classes
  2. Study groups
  3. Service learning
  4. High level of faculty/student interaction
  5. Learning your students names
  6. Modeling respect for all individuals and for cultural diversity
  • Access ACC's faculty support services including Instructional Development, Media Services, Distance Learning, Professional Development, Campus Managers
  • Include all components of the syllabus required by your department or the College
  • Follow ACC's policies that support student success.
  • Know  students' rights, responsibilities and FERPA  (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Advise students appropriately.
  • Be aware of resources available to faculty that support classroom or online instruction
  • Collaborate with peers to enhance or improve your courses and teaching methods
  • Use ACC's early warning systems when appropriate
  • Refer students to support services as needed
  • Contribute to departmental and institutional efforts through service on committees and special projects, community involvement, etc.
  • Help students monitor their progress by placing grades on Blackboard 
  • Encourage students to participate in Student Life, Student Government and to volunteer in the community
  • Know the ACC's Student Success Initiative goals and suggestions for students
  • Uphold servant leadership standards