SSI Goal Leaders & Teams

FY 2014 SSI Goal Teams

Continuing the Momentum and Leading Success

During Fall 2012, the Student Success Initiative Steering Committee transitioned to SSI Goal Teams. The five SSI Goal Leaders selected team members and are leading the continued implementation and evaluation of the strategies under their respective goals. All Goal Teams will meet during ACC's District-wide Student Success Summits and Achieving the Dream site visits to share and discuss target goals, progress, results and enhancement plans.

#1 Increase Term-to-Term & Fall- to-Fall Persistence Kathleen Christensen,
Vice President of Student Services
Terry Bazan, Mark Butland, Eduardo Garcia, Mary Harris, Linda Kluck, James Nelson, Tobin Quereau, Cheryl Richard, Roxane Royalty, Rachel Ruiz, Linda Smarzik
#2 Increase Adult and Developmental Education Course Progressions to Credit Courses David Borden,
Executive Director of Adult Education
Constance Elko, David Haney, Dorado Kinney, Caryn Newburger, Anne Marie Schlender, Julie Wauchope
#3 Increase Completion of All Attempted Courses with a 'C' or Better Mike Midgley,
Vice President of Instruction
Terry Barksdale, Pedro Barrera, Daisy Diaz-Alemany, Margaret Flemming, David Fonken, Mary Gilmer, Laurin Lewis, Femi Onabajo, Anaka Rivera, Judy Sanders, Teresa Thomas, Hazel Ward, Linda Welsh, SGA President
#4 Increase Degree/Certificate Graduates/Transfer Rates Gaye Lynn Scott,
Dean of Social and Behavioral Science
Bethany Bell, Melissa Curtis, Renee Esparza, Stan Gunn, Brette Lea, MaryJane McReynolds, Soon Merz, George Reyes, Kris Seago, Doug Smith, Donald Tracy, Tomi Welch
#5 Increase Success Equity Across Racial/Ethnic/Gender/Income Groups Richard Armenta,
Associate Vice President of Student Success
Co-chair: Charlotte Gullick, Herb Coleman, Sylvia Galvan Gonzalez, Haydeana Gaviria, Judy Green, Marcus Jackson, Deanna Johnson, Juan Molina, Teresa Moore, Ursula Pike, Alejandra Polcik, Gale Spear, Frank Taylor, Nicole Young