Student Success Coordinating Committee


"Don't let what you can't do stop you from doing what you can do."

--John Wooden




  • Goal 1: Increase Persistence (Term-to-Term & Fall-to-Fall)
  • Goal 2: Complete Developmental and Adult Education Course Progression to Credit Courses
  • Goal 3: Increase Completion of All Attempted Courses with a 'C' or Better
  • Goal 4: Increase Degree/Certificate Graduates and Transfer Rates
  • Goal 5: Increase Success Equity Across All Racial/Ethnic/Gender/Income Groups


Current Subcommittees

  1. Redesign of First-Year Experience and Seminar (Gaye Lynn Scott)
  2. Design of ACC Guided Pathways (GPS) by Clusters of Programs (Mike Midgley)
  3. Redesign of Math Initiatives (Constance Elko and David Fonken)
  4. Preparation of Full Implementation of Integrated and Accelerated Reading and Writing (Hazel Ward)
  5. Student Equity Strategies (Richard Armenta and Stephanie Hawley)
  6. High School Strategies (Melissa Biegert and Melissa Curtis)
  7. Enrollment Management Strategies (Wade Bradfute)


Meetings, Agendas, and Minutes


 Austin Community College Initiatives


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