Goal #2 Increase Adult and Developmental Education Course Progressions to Credit Courses


Goal 2:

Complete Developmental and Adult Education Course Progression to Credit Courses

Goal Leader: David Borden, Executive Director of Adult Education

Team Members: Constance Elko, David Haney, Dorado Kinney, Caryn Newburger, Anne Marie Schlender, Julie Wauchope

Context: Nationwide, statistics are daunting: At least half of all underprepared students drop out of college within the first year. To turn these numbers around at ACC, Developmental Education is replacing the traditional classroom/lecture model with more supportive learning communities, lab-oriented learning with personalized instruction, and Supplemental Instructional to extend learning opportunities. In addition, our Adult Education Division boasts a College Connection program that helps GED graduates successfully transition into college and on their way to a degree.

Strategies for 2012-2013:

Expansion of MATD 0385

  1. Math department will offer more sections of MATD 0385.
  2. Student Services will be engaged in learning more about the course, its impact on students, and who is best to take it.  Letters to campus deans was written by the Goal 2 committee, approved by the VP of Instruction and distributed by Dorado Kinney and VP of Student Services.  Counselors on each campus were recruited to attend a training session with Math department to learn about the course.
  3. The Goal 5 committee determined that MATD 0385 demonstrated results regardless of gender of ethnicity and has begun assisting with recruiting students.  Dr. Armenta communicated to campus deans which sections of the course at their campuses needed increased enrollments.
  4. The Cut Score committee is recommending to create a score range on the new TSI assessment for placement of new students into MATD 0385.  Previously, there was no cut score for placement of new students into this course.

MATD 0385 has proven to be highly effective in improving student outcomes across all gender, racial, and ethnic groups.

Creation of a Collegewide ESOL Subcommittee

  1. The Goal 2 committee determined that ESOL needed its own forum for discussing issues:
    • Curricular alignment between AE ESL and credit ESOL
    • Ensuring consistency of messaging about ESL programs at ACC
    • Assessment

The ESL subcommittee will coordinate ESL across the college.

Expansion of College Transitions Program

The Adult Education College Transitions program launches students into ACC who might not otherwise attempt college classes.

The data collected over the past three years of the program show that the ACC Transitions program fared much better than other state programs in helping students transition to college.

The committee is currently reviewing the program and looking at some of the following questions for scaling:

  • Curriculum design: knowledge of student population
  • Assessments: distinguishing between students who need a refresher course and those who need serious, fundamental developmental education
  • Appropriate student referrals: only students who can attend classes when our program meets, only students who can handle accelerated pace

The College Transitions program has shown itself to be effective with GED completers skipping much of Developmental Education in a short time frame.  We wish to scale it to its appropriate size.