Goal #4 Increase Degree/Certificate Graduates/Transfer Rates


Goal 4: Increase Degree/Certificate Graduates and Transfer Rates

Goal Leader: Gaye Lynn Scott, Dean of Social and Behavioral Science

Team Members: Bethany Bell, Melissa Curtis, Renee Esparza, Stan Gunn, Brette Lea, MaryJane McReynolds, Soon Merz, George Reyes, Kris Seago, Doug Smith, Donald Tracy, Tomi Welch

Context: Completion of college degrees and/or certificates correlates highly with significant social and economic gains for both the individual and for society. However, despite the intent by the majority of community college students to achieve these goals, completions and transfer rates remain low. Community colleges across the country have begun working strategically to increase the numbers of students who complete certificates and degrees and who transfer to universities. Increasing degree and certificate completions and increasing transfer rates is a key Student Success Initiative goal for ACC.


  • Develop recommendations for appropriate recognition of achievement milestones
  • Engage in a healthy examination of research and data to inform development of target goals and benchmarks, including success equity goals
  • Develop a plan for communication with student "clusters" (e.g., majors) in support of completion and transfer
  • Initiate longer term examination of possibilities for innovation and accelerated learning