Goal #5 Increase Success Equity Across Racial/Ethnic/Gender/Income Groups


Goal 5:

Increase Success Equity Across All Racial/Ethnic/Gender/Income Groups

Goal Leader: Dr. Richard Armenta, Associate Vice President of Student Success

Co-chair: Charlotte Gullick

Team Members: Herb Coleman, Sylvia Galvan Gonzalez, Haydeana Gaviria, Judy Green, Deanna Johnson, Marcus Jackson, Juan Molina, Teresa Moore, Ursula Pike, Alejandra Polcik, Gale Spear, Frank Taylor, Nicole Young

Context: The Success Equity committee seeks to maximize opportunities for educational access and success among all students, especially those who may be underrepresented.  To this end, the committee will examine disaggregated data by race, ethnicity, gender, and economic status; and develop recommendations regarding equitable priorities.

The fastest growing populations in Central Texas are the least likely to graduate high school and enroll in higher education. For the region to sustain its economic vitality, we must close the education gaps, increase graduation rates, and build a well-educated, well-trained workforce for the future.


  • Cultural Connections and Diversity
  • Monitor SSI Goal Teams 1-4 equity strategies
  • Evaluate and strengthen MOD program
  • Collaborate with Success Equity network and Student Success division to organize collegewide success equity events, dialogue, and learning experiences