How can board members participate?

Be preparedBe connectedBe proactive
  • Model Expectations for student and institutional success.
  • Participate in periodic student forums to understand the student experience of ACC.
  • Support institutional membership and participation in national organizations and research initiatives focused on student success.
  • Create and sustain a culture of evidence by using data to guide board decisions.
  • Embed discussion of institutional effectiveness measures in the annual Board Work Plan.
  • Support strong planning and effectiveness processes.
  • Demonstrate partnership with the president/CEO in support of key institutional goals, especially those related to student success.
  • Review student outcomes and Master Planning policies to ensure alignment with national research/best practices regarding student success.
  • Ensure that Master Plan and operating budgets are aligned around institutional advancement/student success goals.
  • Develop strong policy and governance model focused on outcomes.
  • Ensure alignment of budget with the Master Plan.
  • Develop strong trustee advocacy efforts to promote the value of community colleges and to garner better funding support.
  • Ensure that institutional capacity includes focus on facilities, faculty, staffing, technology, and other resources necessary to promote student success.
  • Benchmark performance data across state and national peers.