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  • TIPS (The Information Portal System)
    To gain access to the OIEA Information Portal an ACC employee must have a valid reason for accessing student information, review ACC's administrative rule AR # 3.05.002 on "Use of College Information Systems" (, complete this form, type in his/her name and submit it. If you have any questions, please contact F.C. Caranikas, Institutional Studies Coordinator, phone: (512) 223-7038, email:
  • Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)
    provides a focus on educational activities and practices that research shows are related to student success. The survey provides ACC faculty and administrators with information on how students spend their time, what they feel they have gained from their classes, how the college supports their learning, and how they assess the quality of their interactions with faculty, counselors and peers.
  • Closing the Gaps by 2015
    was adopted in October 2000 by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). The plan, which is directed at closing educational gaps within Texas, as well as between Texas and other states, has four goals: to close the gaps in student participation, student success, excellence, and research. Each goal in the plan includes intermediate targets for assessing progress toward the goals. In addition to the statewide goals and targets established in the plan, higher education institutions, including Austin Community College, submitted their own targets, all of which are available on the THECB website.
  • How African-American Men Will Improve Community Colleges
    Presentation by Dr. Stephanie Hawley (Associate Vice President, College Access Programs, Austin Community College) at the Texas Association in Black Personnel in Higher Education (TACHE) Conference, San Antonio, Texas, March 28, 2014.