Faculty Coach Project Reports

At the close of the Spring 2011 term, each Faculty Coach submitted a report detailing the processes of data analysis and project development undertaken by his/her department. The reports demonstrate the wide variety of creative solutions departments are pursing to resolve instructional challenges and promote student success. These reports:

  • highlight departmental data on student success;
  • describe the instructional need(s) identified by the department as a result of data analysis;
  • state the department's goals, outcomes and objectives for the proposed project;
  • explain the strategies the department will implement to improve student success;
  • and outline the evaluation plan the department will use to assess the effectiveness of the project and determine the extent to which it will be modified, sustained and/or expanded in the future.

Faculty Coaches structured these reports according to a template provided by Instructional Development Services (viewable here) that outlines the stages of the instructional design process. Given the unique approach of each department, the varied requirements of the projects, and the different timelines for Cohort 1 (starting in Fall 2009) and Cohort 2 (starting in Fall 2010), Faculty Coaches fall in all stages, ranging from initial analysis of data to evaluation of implemented projects.

Cohort 1 (started in 2009)Cohort 2 (started in 2010)Cohort 3 (started in 2011)Cohort 4 (stared in 2012)