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Elgin Campus

ACC Project Manager: Pamela Collier  

Architect/Engineer: O'Connell Robertson

Construction Manager at Risk: Skanska USA Building

Overview: The campus site is approximately 98 acres in the city of Elgin, located east of County Line Road and north of U.S. Highway 290, with frontage on both roadways.  The initial campus consists of approximately 60,000 square feet and and opened Fall 2013.

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ACC Elgin will be a three-story brick-and-curtain wall building with a capacity of 1,500 students. Illustration courtesy of O’Connell Robertson.

June 2013 update:

The ACC Elgin Campus is substantially complete with touch-up work being completed. The majority of the furniture has been installed and the remaining furniture for the library is being installed in late June and mid-July. Computers, biology equipment, building equipment, library books, etc. delivery and installation are on-going.

The median work has been completed along U.S. Hwy. 290 in front of the campus. The final plat is in process of being approved by Elgin Planning & Zoning and being recorded. Pending recordation, the final certificate of occupancy should be forthcoming.

December 2012 update:

Work is progressing on ACC’s Elgin Campus in advance of a planned opening this fall. Here is the latest:

  • Brickwork is being completed. Exterior curtain wall windows, metal wall panels, and insulation are nearly complete.
  • Interior walls are being finished and painted. The ceramic tile floors in the restrooms are complete. Millwork is being installed.
  • Elevators have been installed. The atrium stair installation is well underway.
  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning units are up and running.
  • Interior and exterior light fixtures are being installed.
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing inspections are underway by the design engineers and the architect. The fire sprinkler system is nearly complete.

Outside the facility, a majority of paving is complete and additional grading and paving around the building has begun.  Monument signs at each driveway are being constructed. Several light poles have been erected, and irrigation lines and landscaping are underway.

ACC’s Elgin Campus will be the first community college campus in Bastrop County, with immediate capacity for 1,500 students. Located adjacent to U.S. Highway 290 and County Line Road, the campus will provide convenient access to general education and academic transfer opportunities, workforce education, and foundation skills programs for those not yet college-ready.

Keep up-to-date with construction and other campus news on the Elgin Campus webpage.

September 2012 update:

The Elgin Campus is on schedule to open for the fall 2013 semester as construction work continues to advance. Here are some updates:

      • The site utility connections are being finalized. The water connection to Aqua Water Supply Corp. has been completed. Gas service is nearly complete, as is the electric power connection. Mechanical and electrical overhead rough-in is nearly complete inside the building. 
      • Rooftop mechanical units have been set in place, and the roofing is in progress. 
      • Photovoltaic panels are being added to the project on a portion of the roof. Stair 2 has been delivered to the site and is being installed. The skylight will follow at about the same time the building exterior will be complete and the building will be "dried in."
      • Almost all of the windows are installed and the exterior masonry is well under way and expected to be completely "dried in" mid-October.

    August 2012 update:

    Site work:
    The vast majority of the site paving is complete. Only some driveway leave-outs for utility pathways, the service driveway at the building, and some sidewalks/walkways remaining to be poured. 
    The deceleration lane on Highway 290 westbound has been completed. The state Transportation Department will do the work in the median on Highway 290 eastbound  to lengthen the deceleration turn lane and extend the median cross-over slightly to align with our main driveway. This work will occur in the spring 2013. 
    Aqua Water Supply Corp. is installing waterline infrastructure along County Line Road, which will serve the ACC Elgin Campus. Waterline infrastructure is expected to be complete in August. Gas lines are being installed on our site this month, and electrical infrastructure is also in progress. The transformer and electrical meter are forthcoming. 
    Building construction:
    The exterior walls are receiving brick and glass. Work began on the south elevation and is progressing counter-clockwise around the building. Curtain walls and windows are expected to be complete in late August, with brick to be complete in mid-September. The central open-stair is being fabricated now and will be delivered and installed this month. It will be lowered through the skylight opening in the roof. The skylight will be installed in September. Mechanical curbs are being installed as well as roof penetrations, waterproofing, and roof insulation. The roofing and skylight will be installed afterward, with the entire building expected to be dried in by mid-October. After the building is dried in, the drywall and other finishes may begin. Interior wall framing is nearly complete. The fire sprinkler system is in progress as well as mechanical ductwork and electrical rough-ins. The air handling units, condensing units, hot water heater, and generator are all expected to be on site and installed within the coming month. Elevators are expected to be delivered and installed beginning in mid-October. 
    ACC, the architect (O'Connell Robertson), and the interior designer (LauckGroup) are selecting furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Procurement of these items must occur within the coming months in order to guarantee delivery next spring and summer. 

    July 2012 update:

    The steel structure is complete except for a few miscellaneous steel members and roofing details.  The exterior walls are being constructed and the look and feel of the building is beginning to take shape.  The roofing and exterior building brick will begin at the end of July.  Mechanical yard masonry veneer is on-going.  The building design includes a ceremonial open stair in the middle of the building which will be flown in through the skylight opening once fabrication is complete and it arrives on site.  When the building envelope is complete and the skylight installed, then the building will be "dried in".  This essentially means that weather will not affect construction activities inside the building. 
    Currently all floor slabs are poured, walls are being framed, ductwork is being hung, and sprinkler pipes are being installed.  The chillers, boilers, and generator have arrived on site.  The vast majority of site paving is complete already.  Utility infrastructure is on-going. 
    The design team is involved with the furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) for the campus which will be installed after construction substantial completion next spring.  The campus will open for fall semester 2013.   

    June 2012 update:

    Skanska has reached a construction milestone with the "topping out" of the building. There was a ceremony and barbecue luncheon to honor the achievement and hard work put forth by the construction workers. Now that the steel structure is complete, work will begin on exterior stud framing, sheathing, waterproofing, curtain wall and windows, and masonry. The bulk of the site paving is complete, and the site is beginning to look and feel like a college campus.  See story

    May 2012 update:

    The steel structure is almost completely erected.  Soon the exterior stud framing, curtain walls, windows, and masonry will follow starting on the south facade working counter-clockwise.  Meanwhile, the site paving is continuing with the bulk of the paving done already.  Work is progressing nicely.  The project remains on time and on budget. 

    April 2012 update:

    We have started to go vertical! Steel erection began April 19. The building will be erected in three sections from floor to roof and expected to be complete by early June.

    One of the driveways and the south parking lot will be poured by the end of this month. The north parking lot and two other driveways will follow.

    Skanska is constructing a mock wall to demonstrate all of the components of the walls, windows, roof, etc. for critique and approval by the architect and design team before actual wall construction.

    We are starting to focus on furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) for the campus.  We are meeting with all of the user groups to compose a list of FF&E items. 


    March 2012 update:

    The crawl space mud slab and first-floor slab have been poured.  Steel erection will begin by the middle of April.  Underground utilities are still in progress.  The driveways and parking lots will be poured in the coming weeks.  The submittal/shop drawing phase is well under way. 

    The project team is continuing to monitor the LEED checklist, and we are confident we will achieve our goal of LEED Silver. 

    Skanska is continuing to control the dirt/mud being tracked onto the roadways and has a wheel-washing station, cattle guards, and stabilized rock along the exit driveway to clean dirt/mud off vehicles before they get on the road. 

    Additionally, Skanska continues to report there are no injuries or incidents on the job site. 

    February 2012 update:

    Installation of underground site utilities is well under way. All piers have been drilled and poured. The structural concrete has been poured for the area ways and elevator pit. The crawlspace mud slab will be poured the first week of March. Meanwhile, the submittal review process is ongoing.

    January 2012 update:

    Erosion controls are installed as well as the construction entrance and job trailer.  Many truckloads of dirt have made their way to the site and now Skanska is grading the site including the building pad and working on underground utilities.  They expect to start drilling piers later this month.  Recent rain has left the site too wet to work for a few days, but we remain on schedule as rain days were built into the construction schedule.  

    December 2011 Update:

    Skanska has been busy on site.  Clearing and grubbing of the site is completed and the topsoil is being stripped.  Soon work will begin on excavation of the building pad and underground utilities. 

    ACC, Skanska, and O'Connell Robertson are working together to get everyone involved in the construction of the new campus trained in jobsite safety.  Only those involved in construction who have taken the safety training and are dressed properly will be allowed on the jobsite. 

    Campus Site View from Hwy 290E

    November 2011 Update:

    The site development permit has been issued by the City of Elgin and Skanska is mobilizing onto the site.  Erosion controls are being installed, and earthwork will begin soon.  The building construction documents have been completed and are currently being reviewed by the city.  A building permit is anticipated in January.  Skanska is reviewing the final construction documents with their subcontractors and getting them under contract for the various trades. 

    September 2011 Update:

    On August 29, the Elgin Planning & Zoning Committee approved the conceptual plat.  The hearing for the preliminary plat is scheduled for September 26 and the hearing for the final plat is scheduled for October 24. 

    The design team continues to move forward with the design documentation.  The civil site design drawings and specifications will be completed in mid-October in order to obtain the Site Development Permit from the City of Elgin in early November 2011. 

    The building documents will be completed in mid-November with the Building Permit to follow in January 2012.  Skanska will begin site construction in November and be ready to start building construction in January when the permits are secured. 

    Meanwhile, Skanska is finalizing the GMP (guaranteed maximum price).  The project is within budget and expected to start construction on time. 

    The groundbreaking ceremony will be Tuesday, November 15. The community is invited to attend. Please check back here for details. 

    July/August 2011 Update:

    On August 1, the design team completed the design development drawings and specifications. The campus will feature a three-story brick-and-curtain wall structure of approximately 65,000 gross square feet. This first phase of the campus is expected to accommodate 1,200 students upon opening, with capacity for 1,500 students.

    Skanska is currently bidding the project to subcontractors in order to establish a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). The final GMP is expected mid-September.

    Meanwhile, O'Connell Robertson is moving forward with finalizing the Construction Documents later this fall. A civil site package will be completed early in order to obtain a site development permit. (The Elgin City Council unanimously approved a zoning change from R-1 to C-3 in June.)

    Skanska anticipates mobilizing on site and breaking ground in early to mid-November. A building permit is expected to follow in January 2012. Construction is scheduled for completion in time for a fall 2013 opening.

      April 2011 Update:

    The Building Program was completed by Facility Programming and Consulting in March.  The Program consists of all of the spaces to be included in the building with definition of each in detail such as square footage of rooms, adjacencies, mechanical/electrical/plumbing requirements, room finishes, and furniture/fixtures/equipment requirements.  Cost estimates are associated with each type of space and the Program is designed to work within the given budget for construction.  The Program for Elgin includes (11) eleven classrooms, (1) one biology lab, computer labs, learning lab, testing lab, library and media center, faculty and adjunct faculty suites, student support spaces (welcome center, admissions and records, financial aid, counseling and advising), cashier, campus administration, campus police, student life and student commons, bookstore, and all associated support spaces.  O'Connell Robertson has incorporated the Building Program into the Schematic Design for the building.  We are working with a building design for a 3-story building with approximately 65,000 total gross square feet.  Building elevations are also being developed with the floor plans in the Schematic Design phase.  We have met with every department to discuss the layout for their area and O'Connell Robertson is incorporating the feedback into the design with a Schematic Design package to be finalized in early May.  O'Connell Robertson has also been working on the Master Plan for the site for ultimate build-out.  The team has met with the City of Elgin to discuss the project and there have been meetings with the ACC Steering Committee to discuss the Master Plan.  O'Connell Robertson is working to complete the Master Plan document next month.  The Master Plan reflects how the site is expected to grow over the coming years as additional construction phases occur.  This allows for growth to occur in a well thought out sequence with adequate facilities and parking capacity as the campus grows over time taking into account proper infrastructure, circulation and a cohesive design concept that relates to the specific site and its' specific challenges and amenities.  A project schedule has been developed by ACC, O'Connell Robertson, and Skanska that reflects appropriate time allotted to each phase of design, permitting, construction, and move-in.  Design is expected to wrap up in the fall of this year with construction expected to commence early 2012.  The Elgin Campus will be complete and open for the fall semester 2013. 

    February 2011 Update:

    The Programming and Master Planning phases are currently in progress and expected to be completed in early March.  Additional surveying of the topography and trees is also in progress.  Once Programming and Master Planning are complete, the schematic design of the site and building will begin.  The design process will span approximately nine months and we expect to break ground at the end of this year.  

     The new Elgin Campus will include facilities for general studies along with student support facilities such as advising, admissions and records, academic counseling, career counseling, financial aid and student life. In addition, the campus will offer specialized instructional programs as defined in the Service Plan - including workforce education in agricultural programs, graphic design/visual communications/digital media, and transportation and logisitics support.  The Elgin Campus has a projected opening capacity of 1,500 students. 


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