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Perspective firefighters will be subject to a background check by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection, Texas Department of Public Safety, and/ or future fire department employer.

Are you EMT certified? Please include a copy of your EMT certificate.

Yes No
Are you currently enrolled in an EMT certification course? Please provide documentation stating where the class is held and completion date. Yes No

Are you currently a volunteer firefighter? If so, please supply a letter from the chief on department letterhead stating how long you have volunteered.

Yes No

Are you currently employed/sponsored at a Fire Department? If yes, please supply a letter from the chief on department letterhead stating that you are currently on their payroll and that your gear and SCBA equipment will be supplied. 

Yes No

Have you ever enrolled in an ACC Fire Protection class?
If so, please provide you social security number and date you enrolled.

Date SSN

Yes No
Have you ever attended a college credit class at any area at ACC?
Please provide your student ID#
Yes No

Do you have a college degree? If yes, please provide a college transcript.


Will you need to lease bunker gear OR will you bring your own?
If you bring your own, you will be responsible for making sure that the gear is NFPA certified.  If you need to lease, please note that any gear that does not fit inside the standard size range will have to be supplied by the cadet and must be NFPA approved.  The standard size ranges are: Bunker Coat (chest 32-50 in.; arm 32-34 in.), Bunker Pants (waist 28-50 in.; length 30-34 in.)


Bring Own

Have you tried registering with the ACC Fire Training Academy before?

Yes No

If you submit this application online, you must mail in any supporting documentation to the fire training academy at the address below. Or, you may complete the application and print it out and mail it in along with any supporting documentation.

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