japanese courses
Course offerings include: Japanese I (JAPN–1411), Japanese II (JAPN–1412), Japanese III (JAPN–2311), and JAPN IV (JAPN–2312)
To be eligible to enroll in a language class beyond JAPN–1411, you must meet that course’s prerequisite. Up to date course information can be found through ACC’s Online Course Schedule. Additional information on degree plans, credit by examination, and more can be found throught the Academic page.
japanese resources
Online Japanese Learning resources and other valuable study tools are available through the links page. Additional tools for your academic success, such as study guides and library info, can be found on the Resources page.
important information
The Japanese classes at ACC include a substantial cultural component in addition to a focus on reading, writing, and oral facility. These courses require a significant amount of study time outside of class. Please contact our departmental office to learn more about our Japanese classes.
why study japanese?
Japanese ranks in the world’s top ten most widely languages with nearly 130 million native speakers and an additional 2 million speakers who’ve adopted it as a second language worldwide…

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