Sexual Misconduct: Submit an Anonymous Report

Sexual Misconduct: Submit an Anonymous Report

Use this electronic form to report all types of Sexual Misconduct as defined in Administrative Rule 3.10.003, Prohibition of Sexual Discrimination or Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment (including all forms of sexual harassment and sexual violence). For definitions of sexual misconduct from the College’s policy, go to: 2017-2018 ACC Catalog and Student Handbook, pages 359-382.

As a concerned individual, you have the right to file a report online anonymously or to include your name and contact information. If you are a Responsible Employee, as defined in Administrative Rule 3.10.003, who received a report, or witnessed an incident, you cannot submit a report anonymously and must include your name or report directly to the College's Title IX Coordinator.

This method of reporting is not for emergencies or crimes in progress. Always dial 911 or 222 from an ACC campus phone to report incidents occurring in real time.

Submitting this form does not initiate the College’s complaint process as outlined in the Sexual Misconduct Policy. By filing a report here, the ACC District Title IX Coordinator will review the information and follow-up as appropriate. Depending on the information shared, the College may be limited in their response. Providing detailed information makes it easier to conduct a thorough fact-finding investigation. If you choose to remain anonymous, any names identified below may be contacted, and information may be shared with appropriate College authorities, in order to investigate the report.

This form will not generate a police report. To file a police report, contact the ACC District Police at (512) 223-1231.

Provide address if known
Provide if known
If unknown, provide identifiable descriptors (such as gender, height, race, clothing, etc.) to assist in identifying involved parties.
Be clear as to what you witnessed and what information you received second-hand.

OPTIONAL: This program blocks your email address. Provide your name, phone number and email only if you are open to being contacted regarding the information you have shared.