Full-Time Faculty Senate, 2013-2014

2013-2014 Committee members

Academic Affairs

  • Considers curriculum and instructional matters and brings recommendations to the Senate about such matters

Voting Members: Beth Frye (chair), Chris Berni, Dan Dydek, Sandra Elizondo, Deanna Johnson, Lea Melvin, Juan Molina, Roxanne Royalty, Michael Shoebrocek, William Tolan, Vanessa Faz (AFA), Becky Villarreal (AFA).

Auditing & Elections

  • Audits all Senate documents and financial records before October 15
  • Conducts all regular, special, and recall elections.
  • Conducts any referenda and elections concerning amendments to bylaws

Voting Members: Norma Mercado (chair), Tim Altanero, Ashley Carr.


  • Considers Bylaws revisions as needed or requested and bring recommendations to the Senate about the same.

Voting Members: Norma Mercado (chair), Vanessa Haupt, Tobin Quereau.

Emeritus Professor

  • Ad Hoc Committee convened to develop policy and guidelines for proposed new "emeritus" status for faculty.

Voting Members: Michael Petrowsky (chair), Deanna Johnson, Judy Nwachie, Rick Thompson, Kay Viek.


  • Considers matters relating to faculty concerns about the condition of the physical facilities of the College and also the long-range planning for future facilities.

    Voting Members: Perry Crafton (chair), Cam Addis, Denise Anding, David Chavez, Mocha Jean Herrup, Ann Palmer, Sandra Pepper, Zoe Irene Van Sandt, Cleaburn Zwernemann (AFA), Michelle Kaiserlian (AFA)


  • Presents a ballot for the regular election and any special elections, within the time lines stated under the article on elections.

Voting Members: Jon Luckstead (chair), Ted Hadzi-Antich, Carol Hamilton.

Policy & Procedures

  • Considers policy and procedures affecting full-time faculty and brings recommendations to the Senate about such matters.

Voting Members: Linda Welsh (chair), Sam Echevarria-Cruz, Vance Kirkhuf, Rise Lara, Mary Parker, Sarah Porter, Patti Singleton, Marcia Smith.

Salary & Benefits

  • Studies matters relating to faculty salaries and non-salary employee benefits, brings recommendations to the February Senate meeting about such matters.

Voting Members: Grant Potts(chair), Cam Addis, Mary Brunn, David Chavez, Suzanne McFadden, Carol Hamilton,

College-wide information:

  • Councils & Committees listed in the ACC Organizational Reference
    • Full-time Faculty Senate Representation on College-wide Councils & Committees - not available at this time.
  • General information about Shared Governance at ACC