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Course Information Can the US have World Class K-12 Education? On Freedom:  It's value, and its economic value
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The University of Chicago department of economics dominates Nobel Prize in economics: 
        "Of 49 winners in economics to date, 22 are Chicagoans. In the past 11 years, six winners were at Chicago"
                              --Chicago Alumni Magazine , December 2001.

        Short history of Department of Economics

Stanford University 

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Miscellaneous Talks

Cardinalized Preferences in Public Choice: Talks from March 2010

Informal Talk:  State of Economy at Feb 2010

March-April '07  International Public Choice Society--Amsterdam:
Discussion of a paper on public sector auditing

Western Economics Association:  Tuesday, 7-5-05 Session--Economics of Education--Milton Friedman, Chair:
Downloads and links

Downloads and links for Friday, 8-22-03 Seminar:
"Solution for the Health Care Delivery Crisis"

Downloads from Friday, 11-22-02 Seminar:
"Integration of international economics into introductory macro- and microeconomics courses"

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