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Course Information Can the US have World Class K-12 Education? On Freedom:  It's value, and its economic value
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Economics--Miscellaneous Interesting Links:
The University of Chicago department of economicsdominates Nobel Prize in economics: 

The Nobel Prize in economics was instituted in 1969. Through 2013, 28 of the 74 Laureates have been associated with the University of Chicago during their careers.

Short history of Department of Economics

Stanford University 

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Miscellaneous Talks

Cardinalized Preferences in Public Choice: Talks from March 2010

Informal Talk:  State of Economy at Feb 2010

March-April '07  International Public Choice Society--Amsterdam:
Discussion of a paper on public sector auditing

Western Economics Association:  Tuesday, 7-5-05 Session--Economics of Education--Milton Friedman, Chair:
Downloads and links

Downloads and links for Friday, 8-22-03 Seminar:
"Solution for the Health Care Delivery Crisis"

Downloads from Friday, 11-22-02 Seminar:
"Integration of international economics into introductory macro- and microeconomics courses"

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