Computer Literacy

Graduates of Associate Degree Programs must be able to demonstrate competency in the basic use of computers by using computer technology in solving problems, communicating, and acquiring information. Basic computer skills may be obtained by completing a proficiency test or specific computer courses, completing courses which require use of the computer, completing the Info Game, or completing an associate degree which has computer courses as part of the degree plan.

Students have the opportunity to demonstrate acquisition of reading, writing, oral communication and fundamental mathematical skills by successfully completing specific courses with reading, writing and oral communications components. English Composition I is a requirement of all Associate Degree Programs.  English Composition I  requires students to complete the “Info Game,” an on-line activity which introduces students to basic computer literacy concepts and activities, therefore, any student completing an Associate Degree who has taken English Composition I, will have acquired these skills. Upon completion of the “Info Game” students can then print out a verification of completion and forward the results to their instructor. Specific skills gained through the “Info Game” are:

·        Introduces students to the internet.

·        Introduces students to sources of electronic data.

·        Accessing data.

·        Evaluating information.

·        Manipulating a mouse and keyboard.

·        The use of computer commands (back, forward, home, print)

·        Gathering information through the use of URLS and links.

In addition to the Info Game, many associate degrees and most certificates require computer courses, in addition to English Composition I, which also provide students with computer skills.  Any degree program in Workforce Education, which has a computer or technology, emphasis requires students to be proficient in the use of computers.    

The following are courses, which when completed provide proficiency in computer skills.