Course Descriptions

All classes are open to the public. They are offered through ACC Continuing Education, and/or UT Informal Classes (click the ACC or UT icon for schedules):

Adobe Photoshop
Learn the basics of digital imaging, and how to use Photoshop's most common tools, panels, and commands for manipulating images and compressing them for the fastest downloads. Exercises include color correction, image retouching, photo manipulation, working with text and various types of layers, selection techniques, designing entire web page mock-ups, animation, and optimizing graphics in GIF, JPG and PNG format.
Advanced Photoshop
No longer offered through ACC or UT, the Advanced Photoshop course is only available online directly through Mercury Graphics. It covers vector shapes, advanced selection techniques, filters, color blend modes, and professional retouching tips and tricks.
Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator is the industry-standard illustration software for creating logos, package design, posters, and virtually every kind of 2-D illustration (and even some 3-D). Learn to leverage the third pillar of the Adobe Creative Suite, integrating it into your Photoshop and InDesign workflow. In this class you'll learn the ins and outs of vector illustration, including basic shape rendering, complex shading, and many other powerful features that make Illustrator the Swiss Army Knife of publishing software.

Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard page layout program. In this class, you'll use InDesign to produce a variety of single-page and multi-page documents. You'll learn to set and format type, work with paragraph styles, import images from Illustrator and Photoshop, define and apply color, apply graphic effects, create PDFs, and package files for printing.

Advanced InDesign - ePublishing
Use Adobe InDesign to create interactive and accessible PDFs, ePubs, and mobile apps. Exercises include creating forms, multi-state interactive objects, and animation. Create and validate Section 508c compliant PDFs. Build reflowable and fixed-layout ePubs, and a dual-orientation folio to be converted into an iPad app.
This online class is also offered directly through Mercury Graphics

PREREQUISITE: Introduction to Adobe InDesign, or equivalent experience. InDesign and Acrobat are both used in this course.
Adobe Dreamweaver
Learn to use the powerful features in Adobe Dreamweaver to create and manage standards-compliant web pages that include images, links, HTML5 video, and forms. You'll learn about CSS and responsive design. You'll also use Dreamweaver's built-in FTP feature to upload a site to a remote server.
PREREQUISITE: Beginning HTML5, or equivalent experience
Beginning HTML5
In this introductory hands-on class you'll learn how to code HTML5 and CSS3 to create web pages. You'll leverage popular JavaScript libraries to add interactivity. And you'll learn to build responsive web pages that adjust for optimal display on mobile devices. No coding or programming experience is necessary.

Interaction Design with HTML5
Learn to build interactive web elements using CSS transitions and JavaScript. This class provides hands-on experience triggering, timing, and animating the user interface. You'll learn the basics of CSS transitions and common jQuery functions to build standards-based interactive web interfaces.
PREREQUISITE: Beginning HTML5, or equivalent experience.
NOTE: At UT this course is called "Animation and Interactivity with HTML5"
Interface Design & Usability
This course focuses on improving web site  and web application user interface design using the Principles of Design in visual communication, and Human-Computer Interface (HCI) fundamentals. Students will learn the three types of usability evaluation, as well as design and critique mock web site interfaces.
PREREQUISITE: proficiency with HTML and Photoshop.