About Online Classes

Online classes offered through the Webmaster Certificate Program are a little less expensive than their classroom equivalents, and more convenient. However online classes present unique challenges: communication, interaction, and motivation are much better in a classroom environment.

Greg teaches all classes listed under Courses & Descriptions, except as noted, online.

To enroll, contact The Department of Continuing Education at (512) 223-7542.

Begin an online course taught by Greg.

Students are required to have a recent version of the software used in an online class. An educational discount on Adobe software is available (see Student Resources for information).

Instructor's tip:

While the lower cost and greater convenience of an online course might make it seem like a no-brainer, I strongly advise taking classes in a classroom where live, immediate help is available. Many people discover they spend MORE time on the material in an online class due to small mistakes and minor miscommunications that wouldn't happen in person.