Learning Style Self-Assessment Quiz for Government Students

Your level of success in any course is determined by a multitude of factors. The following self-assessment is meant to give you an indication of your learning style and aptitude for Government Distance Learning courses. It is in no way a guarantee of your success or failure in any course or program. This survey may help you decide whether a Government Distance Learning class is right for you.

Complete each phrase below by selecting the response that best describes your learning style and characteristics. When you have finished the survey, click the "Score Responses" button to see your score.

Learning Style Self-Assessment

1. I am thinking of taking a Distance Learning class:

    limited access to a computer and the Internet.

2. I believe a Distance Learning course:


3. What courses have you taken to prepare for this Government class?


4. In completing homework and other assignments:


5. In previous college courses, I have:


6. When an exam date is approaching:


7. How would rate your current knowledge of United States and Texas Governments?


8. If I am having difficulty with class materials:


9. How would you rate your Internet skills?


10. How would you rate your email skills?


11. How would you rate your document creation and editing skills?


12. How would you rate your familiarity with Blackboard, ACC's online course information system?


13. When asked to utilize new skills and technologies as a learner:


14. The best way for Distance Learning instructors to keep in touch with students is through Blackboard and emails. I will be able to:


15. In your view how well do you communicate through writing?


16. When reading a textbook:


17. How do you rate yourself as a self-starter?


Scoring the Assessment

Click the "Score Responses" button to score your answers. The score is calculated by assigning three points for every "A," two points for every "B," and zero points for every "C" response. You can clear all your responses by clicking the "Reset Responses" button.



How did you do?

If you scored from 35-51:  You are probably suited for a Government Distance Learning class. You are an independent learner who doesn't need constant supervision, and you have the self-discipline to complete tasks on time. You are ready to look at the online course offerings.

If you scored from 18-34:  You probably need to think very carefully about signing up for a Government Distance Learning class. If you do decide to take a Distance Learning class, please realize that you will probably have to adjust your learning strategies to maximize your potential for success.

If you scored from 1-17:  You are probably better suited for traditional classroom courses at this time.