Grant Development & Compliance Department
Top 10 Tips for Grant Managers

The following tips may be useful to you after you have received a Notice of Grant Award (NOGA):

  1. Reread the RFP and grant narrative

  2. Review your contract, reporting dates, start date, and end date

  3. Contact Restricted Accounting to set up your budget

  4. Contact Human Resources if you are hiring personnel

  5. Develop a project timeline; include all reporting dates and milestones

  6. Look over the deliverables established in the grant

  7. Contact your external evaluator (if applicable)

  8. Encourage grant recipients (partners/sub awardees) to spend all funds appropriately and in-line with the grant proposal

  9. Contact the Associate Vice President, Academic Planning, Development, & Evaluation (post funding) if there are any changes to the grant or its budget

  10. Remember that project funding will discontinue on the grantís ending date.