External Affairs
Texas State Capitol

Welcome to the Office of External Affairs

The Office of External Affairs endeavors to establish and support comprehensive programming to expand and sustain the college's external relationships in government, the nonprofit and business community, and the ACC service area. The office serves as the college's primary point of contact with elected and appointed local, state, and federal government officials.

The office develops strategies and activities to ensure consideration by government officials for a range of resources and support. In addition, it holds the charge of overseeing and implementing legislative and regulatory relationships with Congress, the State Legislature, city councils and county commissions, governmental offices and agencies, chambers of commerce and community as related to public policy, and college alumni.

Runoff Election - December 16, 2014

Final Unofficial Results:

  • Gigi Edwards Bryant - 31566 votes
  • Jade Chang Sheppard - 26471 votes

Areas within External Affairs include:

Governmental and Community Relations

ACC Elections


Alumni Network