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Pre-Pharmacology Assessment Exam


General Registration

  1. Students who have prior and comprehensive knowledge in BIOL 2304/2101 Human Anatomy or BIOL 2404 (Anatomy and Physiology) can take the Allied Health Science (ALHS) departmental pre-pharmacology assessment exam as an alternate entry of meeting the Anatomy & Physiology pre-requisite for the Pharmacology course.
  2. The Pre-Pharmacology assessment exam will cover specific topics as specified by the common course objectives of BIOL 2304/2101 and BIOL 2404.  The pre-pharmacology assessment exam will only cover those topics needed for students to understand the concepts that will be covered in pharmacology.  Click here for a list of objectives for the pre-pharmacology assessment exam.
  3. A passing score on the pre-pharmacology assessment exam will be 70%.
  4. If a student passes the pre-pharmacology assessment exam with a 70% or higher grade, the student is now eligible to take the HPRS 2300 Pharmacology course provided the math pre-requisite has been meet as well.  Passing the pre-pharmacology assessment exam does not constitute college credit for the BIOL 2304/2101 or BIOL 2404 courses. The student will have to take the Biology course.

    Please note the following:
  5. If a student has a passing score on the pre-pharmacology assessment exam; the student needs to provide documented proof from the department to the first class meeting or orientation date.  No exceptions.  The student is still required to go through the normal registration process.
  6. Other than administering the assessment exam, the ALHS department is not involved in the registration process, does not keep waiting lists, and does not guarantee that a student who passes the ALHS assessment exam will be able to register for a section of Pharmacology.

    Students who score below 70% on the pre-pharmacology assessment exam may:
    1. register for the BIOL 2404 course or biology assessment exam for entry into the BIOL 2304/2101 course, OR          
    2. use the self-study option to improve knowledge for the exam contents.

Use the list of common objectives to identify the topics that you need to study. 

Click here for link to self-study info

Students will only be allowed to take the pre-pharmacology assessment examination once per semester for a max of only two times in one year. The examination will offered at the EVC assessment center on a walk in basis.  Please call EVC at 223-5145 for additional information.

Administration of the Assessment Exam

  1. The time allocated for each assessment exam will be two hours.  This includes the time necessary for students to sign in, fill out envelopes for mailing test scores, and taking the exam.
  2. Students who are late will not be allowed to take the assessment exam.
  3. All students must present a valid photo ID for admission to the assessment exam.  Valid photo IDs may be a driver’s license, Department of Public Safety ID passport, Department of Defense ID, resident alien card or any digitally produced photo from a recognized company (such as Sam’s) or any learning institution.
  4. Students must present proof of their ID number for admission to the assessment exam.  Valid proof of an ID number may be an ACC student ID card, a Social Security card, or an official fee receipt marked “Paid” by  ACC Cashier showing the ACC student ID number.
  5. Students will need to bring two No. 2 pencils to the exam.
  6. No cell phones or pagers will be allowed in the room, even if turned off.  If a cell phone or pager goes off during the testing period, the student will be required to leave the room and the student’s test will be taken up and graded as is.  The student will not be allowed to continue the exam.
  7. Students may not wear a hat with a brim during the exam.
  8. Students cannot bring anything else into the room, other than a sweater or jacket, tissues, medications, or water bottle with cap.  Students need to make separate arrangements for backpacks or purses.  Otherwise, the proctors will assign a section of the room for personal items but anything left in this area will not be monitored and ACC will not be responsible for any damage or loss of your personal property.
  9. Students will not be allowed to leave the room during the testing period for any reason.  If a student leaves the room while the exam is in progress, the student’s test will be taken up and graded as is.  The student will not be allowed to continue the exam.
  10. At the end of the exam, students must return all exams and answer sheets before leaving the room.
  11. The test will be proctored by ACC employees.  If a proctor suspects cheating, the proctor will collect the exams and answer sheets of all individuals involved.  These answer sheets will be assigned a grade of 0.  Any student suspected of cheating must make separate arrangements with the ALHS department for retesting.
  12. Exam questions will be multiple-choice, true-false, and matching questions.  Some questions will require simple recall of information.  Other questions will require application of knowledge.
  13. The proctors will not be able to answer any questions during the exam  period.  Students will not be allowed to use dictionaries or any other  supplemental materials during the assessment exam, including calculators.
  14. Students with disabilities should contact the Student Accessibility Services and Assistive Technology (SAS) to arrange for testing.
  15. Behavior that significantly interferes with or disrupts assessment testing may result in removal from the assessment exam facility.  At the assessment exam facility, the proctors will be responsible for determining whether students will be asked to leave the assessment exam facility for disruptive behavior. Any student removed from an assessment test for disruptive behavior must make separate arrangements with the ALHS department for retesting.
  16. Students may now go to the ACC assessment center on the EVC campus to take the pre-pharmacology assessment exam.  There is no need to pre-register.  The tests usually take between 1 to 2 hours to complete.  The centers will not let you start the test unless you have time to finish so plan accordingly. 

EVC assessment center hours

*Eastview Campus, Building 2000, Room 2155: Steven Burgess

IMPORTANT NOTE TO STUDENTS: Assessment schedule is subject to change without notice. Test sessions may be canceled if not enough testers are scheduled and/or test sessions may be added. Call the campus Assessment Center to inquire and confirm test dates.

Pre-Pharmacology Assessment Exam Schedule for assessment

EVC (512.223.5145)


Walk-in from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Walk-in from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Walk-in from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Walk-in from 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Walk-in from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.





The EVC phone number is 512.223.5145 or 512.223.5146
Please call for information or directions to their locations.

At the assessment exam location, each student will be given an form to fill out. The test score will be e-mailed within 3-4 business days.

Similar processes may also be administered for other prohibited acts that constitute offense, as outlined on the following website:

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