Dental Hygiene
Application Status

Letters have been sent via ACC email to the 2018 applicants.
Statistics on the 2018 applicant pool:‚Äč

  • 110 applications were qualified to be considered;
  • The prerequisite grade point average (GPA) is 3.94 on a 4-point scale for the 18 individuals offered admission [14 of the 18 have a 4.0 GPA];
  • The average ranking score is 91.66 points with the high score of 94.33 and the low score of 89.52 for the 18 individuals offered admission;
  • Only 1 of the 18 did not have all of the co-requisite courses successfully completed by the
  • deadline;
  • 14 of the 18 have some type of prior patient care experience;
  • 13 of the 18 had applied to the program at least once previously;
  • The average TEAS reading score of the 18 individuals offered admission is 75.59 and the
  • Average TEAS English and Language Usage score is 78.91.

For additional information, please contact your program's Administrative Assistant:

Teri Frank
Eastview Campus
Building 8000, 8162