Emergency Medical Services Professions
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Health Sciences Information and Admissions Office
Eastview Campus
Building 8000, Room 8356
3401 Webberville Road
Austin, TX 78702
Phone: 512.223.5700 or toll-free 888.626.1697
E-mail: healthsciences@austincc.edu
Web: www.austincc.edu/health

EMT Basic Information
Eric Merino
Eastview Campus
Building 9000, First Floor
Phone: 512.223.5918
Email: emerino@austincc.edu

Paramedic and Intermediate Advising
Ginger Floyd
Building: 9000, Room 9113
Phone: 512.223.5921
Email: gfloyd@austincc.edu

Department Chair
Don Gwynn
Eastview Campus
Building 9000, Room 9108
Phone: 512.223.5924
Email: dgwynn@austincc.edu