Emergency Medical Services Professions
Welcome to the Emergency Medical Services Professions

If requesting permission to enroll in EMS courses, please complete this petition request. You must be accepted and currently admitted into the advanced program to take any of the courses listed below.

NOTE: If you are intending on taking a Semester Hiatus, please print out this FORM and fill out the form on this page, selecting the appropriate button and select the semester.

Alternate Phone:
Do you plan on taking a Hiatus this semester? Yes, I plan to take the semester off.
No, I plan on taking classes this semester.
EMSP 1338 - Introduction to Advanced Practice
EMSP 1356 - Patient Assessment and Airway Management
EMSP 1355 - Trauma Management
EMSP 2137 - Emergency Procedures
EMSP 2305 - EMS Operations
EMSP 1261 - Paramedic Clinical I
EMSP 2444 - Cardiology
EMSP 2434 - Medical Emergencies
EMSP 2330 - Special Populations
EMSP 2260 - Paramedic Clinical II
EMSP 1149 - Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support
EMSP 2243 - Assessment Based Management
EMSP 2352 - EMS Research
EMSP 2237 - Emergency Procedures II
EMSP 2266 - Field Experience
EMSP 2135 - Advanced Cardiac Life Support
EMSP 1147 - Pediatric Advanced Life Support

I understand that failing to remove bars, pay, or get dis-enrolled for whatever reason other than the college's error, may cause me to be unable to take the courses for which I wish to be approved. No sections can be added during adds and drops to reinstate students. I understand that all registrations, including early registration, must be paid by the college’s printed deadline or my registration will be cancelled without further notification from the college.

I agree