Emergency Medical Services Professions
Application Process

Health Sciences Application Process

Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to a Health Sciences program. ALL Health Sciences program applicants must:

  1. Enroll in ACC and begin taking relevant program prerequisites
  2. Follow the admission steps for the Health Sciences program you prefer.
  3. Collect the required documentation and/or complete all immunizations before applying for program admission.
  4. Submit your program application (a criminal background check and drug screen may be required)

EMS Program Application Process

New students are accepted into the Emergency Medical Services Professions program in every semester. Click here for application deadlines. Questions about the application steps, competency testing, applications and an Information Session should be directed to:

Health Sciences Information and Admissions Office
Eastview Campus
Building 8000, Room 8356
3401 Webberville Road
Austin, TX 78702
Phone: 512.223.5700 or toll-free 888.626.1697
E-mail: healthsciences@austincc.edu
Web: http://www.austincc.edu/health

(Note: Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to any Health Sciences program.)


Approved Degrees and Certificates for 2017-2017

The following steps are for the EMT (Basic)

Please note that the EMT (Basic) program does not qualify for Financial Aid.

In order to qualify for Financial Aid, a program must be at least 600 clock hours, 16 semester or trimester hours, or 24 quarter hours of undergraduate instruction offered during a minimum of 15 weeks of instruction.


Step 1

Apply to ACC.

Step 2

Complete online EMT (Basic) Information Session

Step 3

Fulfill all immunization requirements (some immunizations can take six months to complete). Submit immunization form and proof of CPR completion (card) to your CastleBranch account.

Step 4

Complete any required competency testing.

Step 5

Enroll in the EMT training (EMSP 1501 and ESMP 1160)

The following steps are for the Advanced EMT and Paramedic Programs

Step 1

Complete online EMSP Information Session.

Step 2

Complete the online information session and submit proof of information session completion along with immunizations, CPR card and EMT Certification (if applicable) to your CastleBranch account. Then you will submit the application to the Health Science Admissions Office once you have been cleared for your CastleBranch steps.