Health Information Technology
Deadlines for Health Information Technology and Medical Coding Programs

Although you may submit your application for the Health Information Technology AAS Degree program at any time, application reviews for both programs begin on June 1st of each year for admission into the Fall Semester. Eligible students are accepted into the program in the order that their application is received.

New students are only accepted in Fall Semester unless they are transferring from another program and have previously completed the required coursework elsewhere. If your application is received after the classes have filled, your application will be placed on the waiting list for the next class of new students.

All students must declare their intent to pursue an Associate Degree before applying to the program so that you will be taking the sequence of courses needed that will lead to your degree goal. In order to declare your intent, you must complete the Online Information Session. At the completion of the Information Session, you will complete a short post-test and obtain the Online Information Session Completion and Declaratory Form.

If you intend to take coursework as a part of Continuing Education or obtain a Medical Coding Certificate (Note that no further applications for the certificate program will be accepted. Students currently in this plan will have until August 2018 to complete all coursework.) without college credit, you must:

  1. Register through the ACC Continuing Education Department and
  2. Submit your petition to register for any HITT courses through the Health Information Technology Program Department Chair
  3. Submit your application to the Health Sciences Department

Even if you are enrolling in the program for Continuing Education, you must complete the Medical Coding Online Information Session and submit the Online Information Session Completion and Declaratory Form.