Health Sciences Division
Immunization requirements were changed on October 1, 2012. Please review the updated form for new requirements below.


Health Sciences students must comply with both Texas law and clinical facility requirements related to immunization and testing. Note: Students should not delay completing their immunizations; some take up to 4-6 months to complete. Students must follow the posted immunization schedules. The minimum time intervals must be met. Travel or accelerated schedules are NOT acceptable for Health Sciences Students. Kinesiology students are not required to fulfill this requirement.

Applications to Health Sciences programs are NOT accepted without documentation of COMPLETED program immunization requirements.

Students whose immunizations require special consideration or review, click here

Students need to make a copy for their personal records before submitting the documentation with their application.


Program-Specific Guidelines


The form is available for download below or at the Health Sciences Admission Office.

  • Immunization Form (Word)
  • Immunization Form (PDF)

Community Sites for Immunizations and Titers