Medical Laboratory Technology
Selection Process


The Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Applicant Selection Process is used for the selection of qualified applicants into the second year of the MLT program. The MLT program accepts a total of 24 applicants for the second year course curricula, 12 at the Round Rock campus and 12 at the Eastview campus. This process is used to insure a fair and equitable process when the number of applicants exceeds the number of spots available.

Each admission cycle is competitive. If a candidate defers acceptance to the program for any reason, then the application will be returned to the applicant pool for consideration for the following year. If an applicant declines their spot, the next applicant on the list will be offered that position.

MLT program applications are due February 1st.


  1. The student must complete all steps of the application process for the application to be submitted.
    1. Completion of required immunizations.
    2. Documentation of TSI requirement.
    3. Completion of pre-requisite courses, with a "C or better":
      1. MLAB 1101: Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science
      2. CHEM 1305 and 1105 or acceptable substitute
    4. Completion of MLT information session.
    5. Meet with MLT faculty advisor.
    6. Applicant must have an overall minimum GPA of 2.0 on all ACC course work.
    7. Submission of official transcripts to ACC Admissions/Records from other colleges/ universities, which contain courses used to satisfy the MLT degree plan. Please submit an unofficial copy of the transcript with the application.
  2. The MLT application is available on-line at the Health Science website.
    1. The completed application is submitted to the Health Science Office either at the Round Rock or Eastview campus along with the all required documentation. Required documents will be uploaded to CastleBranch.
    2. The admission office staff will review the application for completeness. Incomplete applications are NOT accepted. If deficiencies are found, the application will be returned to the student.
    3. The official application date will be recorded as the date when the complete application was accepted by the HS Office staff.
    4. Immunization Records will be reviewed and verified for completeness.
  3. When the application period has closed, all qualified applicants for admission to the next class will be ranked using the Medical Technology Applicant Ranking Worksheet.
  4. If a tied ranking occurs, the admissions committee defaults to the recorded application date as documented by the HS Office staff.
  5. The first 24 qualified applicants with the highest ranking score will be sent a letter of conditional acceptance by email to the address listed on the MLT application which will include further instructions. Failure to complete any part of the admissions process will result in withdrawal of acceptance into the program. If a course in year one has not been completed by the end of the second semester of the degree plan, the student's offer of acceptance will be withdrawn. The student's application would be held for the next admissions cycle.
  6. Once the current class is filled, those applicants not accepted will be placed on an alternate list for the current class and will receive a letter stating their rank in the pool for the current year. If a student declines the offer of acceptance into the second year of the program, the highest ranked student on the alternate list will be offered conditional acceptance. This will continue until the class is filled.
  7. Students who are not accepted into the current class will be required to complete a reapplication form by the stated application deadline. Failure to submit the reapplication form to the department chair will result in removal of the application from the pool. Points will be awarded for reapplication.
  8. Applicants who are not accepted into the current class are encouraged to meet with a MLT faculty advisor to discuss improving future ranking. Points will continue to accrue based on completion of co-requisite courses. Students may increase their points by earning a higher grade in co-requisite and pre-requisite courses by retaking the course. Progression must be shown on the MLT degree plan.
  9. MLT Applications are kept on file for 2 years. The applicant is responsible for maintaining communication with the program on a regular basis to keep the application current. Failure to submit the reapplication form will result in moving the application to inactive status.