Occupational Therapy Assistant
Program Goals

Mission Statement

The Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Austin Community College is committed to providing an educational program to prepare students to become competent, socially responsible, contributing entry-level occupational therapy assistants. The program will serve the Austin and surrounding communities by educating students to provide occupational therapy services to a complex, diverse population. The program is committed to encouraging contributions to the advancement of the profession of occupational therapy.

Overall Program Objectives

  • That the graduates of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program should have achieved sufficient knowledge and skills as to become gainfully employed at an entry-level in a variety of healthcare settings;
  • That the supporting related academic coursework and the basic core Occupational Therapy Assistant curriculum will provide an optimal opportunity for the graduate to profit from further study in the profession; and
  • That upon satisfactory completion of the prescribed course of study, the graduate can participate as an educated and contributing member of this community.

Program Goals

  1. 80% of students enrolled in OTA program will progress through the program without interruption.
  2. 80% of new graduates will pass the National Board of Certification Examination on their first attempt.
  3. 80% of graduates will be employed in traditional or emerging practice areas 6 months post graduation as measured by the Graduate Survey.
  4. 80% of new graduates of the OTA program will rate the program satisfaction as "satisfactory" or above as measured by the Graduate Survey.
  5. 100% of OTA faculty will be rated as "good" or above by students on the Faculty Evaluation Survey.
  6. 80% of new graduates will be rated "satisfactory" on job technical skills by employers of OTA program graduates.
  7. 80% of new graduates will be rated "satisfactory" on workplace behaviors by employers of OTA program graduates.