Phlebotomy Technician
PHB Advisory Committee

The Phlebotomy Department Advisory Committee is composed of clinical representatives in the field. Members convene regularly to offer their expertise to affect the curriculum structure and instructional methods of the Phlebotomy program.


Keri Brophy-Martinez ACC MLT/PHB department Chair
Carolyn Ragland ACC MLT/PHB Faculty
Kathleen Park ACC MLT/PHB Faculty
Lois Wagoner ACC PHB Faculty
Debbie Burns ACC MLT/PHB Faculty & Lab Assistant
Claudia Gonzalez ACC MLT/PHB faculty
Pat Recek ACC Dean Health Science

Advisory Committee

Chris Bungo St. David's - South Austin Hospital
Dave Falleur Texas State University
Lorraine Fernandez Clinical Pathology Laboratories
Janice Frakes Texas Oncology
Michelle Haranczak Seton Network
Heath Marr Texas Oncology
Molly McGuire St. David's - Round Rock Hospital
Jeffrey Shinn Austin State Hospital