Pharmacy Technician
ACPE CE Courses

The Austin Community College Pharmacy Technician Program, in conjunction with the ACC Continuing Education Department presents a series of CPE activities designed to meet current and emerging trends in pharmacy practice, especially those related to pharmacy technician education, training and specialization.

CPE completers will receive a certificate of course completion, and an Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE) statement of continuing education credit. All CPE activities are based on current, best-practice standards, and are designed to give attendees the knowledge and skills that are required--or highly desired--for pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians in various practice settings.

All CPE activities are taught by qualified instructors with real-world experience. Each CPE activity is a stand-alone activity which may be completed as a single course, or in conjunction with other CPE activities.

Our Mission

Austin Community College Pharmacy Technician Program's CPE mission is to support the advancement of pharmacy professionals by providing CPE programs that incorporate excellent academic instruction and training, utilizing activity types including those that are knowledge-based (K), application-based (A), and practice-based (P), in the education of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in service to assisting them in achieving their greatest academic, personal, and professional potential. We strive to provide affordable access to high-quality continuing education programs that are current, relevant, and based on pharmacy and pharmacy education best-practice models.

For more informatoin about ACC Pharmacy Technician Program continuing pharmacy education activities, including date, cost, format, and location of CPE activities; information on course prerequisites, course objectives, and course instructors, contact ACC Pharmacy Technician Program CPE Administrator:

Lisa McCartney, M.Ed., CPhT, PhTR
(512) 223-5949 or

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