Pharmacy Technician
Application Process

Health Sciences Application Process

Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to a Health Sciences program. ALL Health Sciences program applicants must:

  1. Enroll in ACC and begin taking relevant program prerequisites
  2. Follow the admission steps for the Health Sciences program you prefer.
  3. Collect the required documentation and/or complete all immunizations before applying for program admission.
  4. Submit your program application (a criminal background check may be required)

Pharmacy Technician Application Steps

New students are accepted into the Pharmacy Technician program each Fall and Spring semester. Applications are accepted on a first come, first served, basis but all applications must be received by July 1 for the fall semester, or November 1st for the spring semester. Note: Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to any Health Sciences program.

Step 1
Apply to ACC.

Step 2
Download Application Process: PDF
2014-2015 Certificate Tracking Worksheet

2014-2015 Degree Tracking Worksheet

Step 3
Fulfill all immunization requirements (some immunizations can take six months to complete). Your completed immunization form is due at the time you apply for program admission.

Step 4

  • View the mandatory online Information Session.
  • Retain and submit copy of "Blue" Information form with application
  • Retain and submit copy of "Yellow" Acknowledgement of Regulatory form with application.

Step 5
There are no prerequisite courses. However, students may take HPRS 1106 or HPRS 1206, PHRA 1301, and PHRA 1309 before applying to the program. PHRA 1301 and PHRA 1309 need departmental approval. To obtain departmental approval, fill out the Student Petition on the site here.

Step 6
Complete a Pharmacy Technician program application packet. If accepted, the department will notify you regarding TSBP Registration criminal background checks and drug screening. Do not complete your TSBP registration, criminal background check, or drug screening until instructed to do so by the Pharmacy Technician Program. Gather evidence to support your PHRA Applicant Ranking Score (if applicable) .

Step 7
Submit completed application, immunization documentation, evidence for ranking score (if applicable) and information session blue and yellow forms to the Health Science Admissions Office at Eastview Campus (3401 Webberville Road, Room 8356) or Round Rock Campus (4400 College Park Drive, Room 3105).