Physical Therapist Assistant
Application Process

Admission to the College

  • Gain admission to Austin Community College: follow the instructions/process here. Visit a campus advisor or counselor to determine need for ACC assessment testing.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant requires that the TSI status be complete or exempt. NOTE: Admission to Austin Community College does not guarantee admission to the PTA Program.

Start Immunizations Now

Applying to the Program

  • Review the PTA website
  • Complete the program's required immunizations. Upload the immunization form to your Castle Branch (formerly Certified Profile) account. Use code UL64im.
  • Complete all six prerequisite courses:
    • ENGL 1301, HPRS 1106, MATH, PSYC 2301
    • BIOL 2404 must be completed within seven years of application deadline.
    • PTHA 1409 A granted petition is required to register in fall, summer, and spring for PTHA 1409. To put your name on the petition list, check the Department Announcements box on our main page for petition dates and to fill out the petition form. PTHA 1409 must be completed within three years of the application deadline.
    • Courses applicable to the program must meet minimum GPA of 2.8.
    • BIOL 2304/2101 and BIOL 2305/2102 are no longer requirements. But they can be substituted for BIOL 2404 upon student request. In order to substitute these courses for BIOL 2404, they BOTH must be completed before applying AND must be completed within seven (7) years of application.
  • Complete a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer experience within the last two years at one facility.
    • PT aides or technicians may count employment.
    • Log form is available on PTA website. (Volunteer Log Form)
    • Two licensed physical therapy personnel must document this experience on two work skills assessment forms provided on the PTA website. (Assessment Form)
    • Submit 1 additional work skills assessment form from an individual who has experience with the applicant (employer, instructor or supervisor).
    • Submit your Volunteer Log Form to your Castle Branch (formerly Certified Profile)account. Use code UL81im.
    • You will submit the Work Skills Assessments with your application to the Health Science Admissions Office.
  • Complete a TEAS V (for Allied Health) exam (formerly called the HOBET V exam)
    • Test must be within 2 years of application deadline.
    • Call 512.223.7769 at Highland Business Center to schedule.
    • Submit test results to your Castle Branch (formerly Certified Profile) account. Use code UL81im.
  • Submit PTA application along with Official transcripts of all previous college education, other than ACC and the three (3) work skills assessment forms by March 31st after all documentation noted below has been updated to your Castle Branch (formerly Certified Profile) account. Click here for complete application information and all the required forms:
    • Essay
    • Technical Standards Form found on PTA website
    • Immunization Documentation
    • TEAS V (for Allied Health) or HOBET V exam results
    • Volunteer Log

Selection into the Program:

  • Academic GPA (40%)
  • TEAS V (for Allied Health) or HOBET V exam scores (40%)
  • Work skills assessment scores (5%)
  • Essay (15%)
  • Bonus points are given for completion of any co-requisites. See admission procedures document or the FAQ page for details.

Please note that to be compliant with clinical facility requirements, a mandatory criminal background check and drug screen will be required prior to admission to the PTA Program. Do not do this until instructed by the program.

Print application packet from the web or pick up one at the PTA Department Office. Submit completed applications by mail or in person to any of the following locations:

Health Sciences Admission Office
Eastview Campus, Room 8356
3401 Webberville Rd
Austin, TX 78702

Health Science Admission Office
Round Rock Campus, Room 3105
4400 College Park Dr
Round Rock, TX 78665

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