Associate Degree Nursing
Formula and Selection Process

The Formula:
The Associate Degree Nursing Program uses a mathematical formula to compute an applicant ranking score based on four criteria. This ranking score is used to select qualified applicants for admission into the ADN Program. The formula is as follows:

Rank = (Nursing GPA) X (# of degree plan courses completed) + (HESI Points) + (Review points earned)

Nursing GPA = GPA computed for degree plan courses only (prerequisite and corequisite courses)

**Note- the pre-requisite GPA is calculated first before adding in any co-requisite courses. The pre-requisite courses must be a minimum 2.7. This GPA is not rounded up.

Degree plan courses = Pre-requisite and Co-requisite courses listed for the AAS in Nursing

HESI Points = based on A2 test score

  • Score of 90-100% (10 points)
  • Score of 80-89% (7 points)
  • Score of 75-79% (4 points)

Review points = points earned each time the application is reviewed for admission

How do you earn review points:

  • Each eligible applicant earns one (1) point for attending an information session.
  • Five (5) points will be added to the ranking score for the first review totaling 6 points on the first review.
  • An additional 5 points will be added to your ranking score each time you re-apply for admission. Missing 2 or more reapplication periods will result in the loss of all accumulated ranking points. Applications are only retained on file for one year after becoming inactive.
  • Examples:
    • Rank = ( 3.3050 ) X ( 7 ) + ( 4 ) + ( 6 ) = 33.135
    • Rank = ( 3.7121 ) X ( 10 ) + (7) + ( 6 ) = 50.1210

A student can defer one time without penalty and still accumulate ranking points (+5) the next time they apply. Deferring a second time would result in the loss of all accumulated ranking points.

Selection Process:

Admission reviews are conducted twice each year. During the Spring review, applicants are selected for the upcoming Fall semester. During the Fall review, applicants are selected for the upcoming Spring semester.

All applications and re-applications turned in during an admission cycle are reviewed and ranked to compile the current ranking list. Applicants are selected for admission based on their placement on the current ranking list from highest rank to lowest rank. The ADN Program does not maintain a rank list that allows an applicant to automatically advance in rank from one application cycle to the next. To be considered for admission you must either apply or re-apply during each admission cycle. The new ranking list is compiled from only those who applied during that cycle. This may result in upward or downward movement on the rank from one cycle to the next as individual scores are compared to the scores of all the applicants in the current pool at that time. Each applicant selected for admission will be notified via email and given a deadline to accept or decline the invitation to join the upcoming class. Acceptance letters are sent to each applicant in order of rank until all available seats in the class are filled. Applicants who do not respond to letters of acceptance will be removed from the applicant pool and lose all review points.

Important note:
It is critical that each applicant maintain current contact information on file with the college Admissions Office and the Nursing Office (name, address, and telephone number) since these are the official sources of information for contacting applicants.

NOTE-EFFECTIVE 5/1/2011: If an applicant is unable to begin the ADN program at the schedule time after having accepted the admission, the applicant must notify the ADN Program Admissions Coordinator at least forty-five (45) days prior to the first class day. Failure to do so will result in the loss of all review points AND the student will be required to skip an application cycle.