Associate Degree Nursing Department
Application Process for Transfer Students
The Transfer Option is for those students who have completed nursing courses at an accredited Associate Degree nursing program. This policy does not apply to those students who have only completed pre-nursing courses.

Admission is considered only if:

  • Your prior nursing program enrollment has been within one (1) year. If the break in enrollment in a nursing course is longer than a year - the request will not be considered.
  • You successfully passed all the clinical courses in previous nursing program. ACC AD nursing program will not admit a student who was on probation or withdrawn for unsafe clinical practice
  • You have not had two (2) unsuccessful attempts in a previous nursing
    program. If you have had two unsuccessful attempts, then you need to apply as a beginning student.

Transfer applications are accepted ONLY within the following designated time frames:

Designated Time Frames for Transfer students:

  • Deadlines: See Deadlines page
  • Class placement is based on previous achievement in a nursing program and space availability.

Transfer Checklist:
Please go over the following checklist and when you can check each item, you are ready to request transfer.

STEP 1: Apply to ACC. All applicants must gain admission to ACC and satisfy all General Admission criteria including meeting TSI (testing) requirements. Visit a campus advisor to determine your status.

STEP 2: Request an interview with the ADN Department Chair to discuss transferability. Request should be emailed to

STEP 3: Fulfill all immunization requirements . Students should not delay
completing their immunizations; some take up to 4-6 months to complete.
All applicants must provide a copy of the completed immunization form
with written documentation from a physician at the time you apply for
program admission.

STEP 4: Write Letter requesting transfer to the ACC ADN Nursing Program,
including reason for withdrawal from previous program.

Once you can check ALL the above steps, then you are ready to move to Step 5:

STEP 5: Download, complete, and submit the ADN Application Packet with all of the
following required documents:

  • ADN Checklist
  • ADN Application
  • Completed immunization form
  • Copies of applicable transcripts showing grades of previous college work. Official transcripts should be sent to an ACC Admissions and Records Office for transfer credit evaluation.
  • May need to supply copies of nursing course syllabi.
  • Two letters of recommendation, one from prior nursing program director and a recent clinical instructor.

STEP 6: Bring all above requirements and come to the nursing information office
to discuss transferability.

STEP 7: Can meet all Program Requirements / Technical Standards

STEP 8: Pass the HESI Admission Assessment Test or provide proof of completion from previous college. (Nursing Office will have a copy of your post-test).
STEP 9: Proficiency Review
After the transfer student completes the above items, the student must demonstrate proficiency at the desired level of entry by achieving the following:

___1. Pass a dosage calculation exam

___2. Pass a comprehensive mastery skills check-off appropriate to the level of entry.

___3. Write a satisfactory Nursing Process on an assigned case study scenario.

You may download this form below: