Associate Degree Nursing Department
New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

For Spring 2016 Incoming Students ONLY

Congratulations on your admission into the Associate Degree Nursing Program. In the near future, you will face many nursing challenges. Until then, you face the following to-do list. It is subject to change and you should check back periodically to ensure you have the latest instructions.


Starting Spring 2016, all ACC Health Science Departments will begin using electronic documentation collected through Certified Background. All students will be required to set up an account and upload all clinical requirements that would previously have been submitted to the Nursing Department. The only item that will still be submitted to the nursing office is your TX Board of Nursing clearance card or letter. All other requirements (including department background check and drug screen) will need to be uploaded or ordered through your Certified Profile account by the deadlines indicated below. Upon completion of all clinical requirements, the nursing department will email students a clinical clearance ticket to submit on the first day of class to their faculty. (Detailed instructions for setting up an account will be emailed with your Next Steps letter.) By moving to Certified Background all students will now have lifetime access to their records and immunizations they have uploaded to their account.

STEP 1: Criminal Background Check #1 - TX Board Of Nursing (TXBON) CBC

Deadline October 1, 2015

You received information from Tammy Chalermpued prior to your acceptance to the program regarding the required Board of Nursing background check/fingerprinting [BONCBC]. In addition, you were sent a FASTPASS form to take with you to your fingerprinting appointment. Upon receiving a "CLEAR" background check, you will receive a "Blue Clearance Card" in the mail from the Board of Nursing.

  • We can only use BONCBCs related to the Board of Nursing from IDENTOGO only.
  • BONCBC must come back "Clear" before you will be allowed to attend class.
  • Students must receive a "Blue Clearance Card" or clearance letter in the mail from the Board of Nursing. Submit a copy (front and back) of this card or letter to the ACC Nursing Office. Do not upload.
  • If you have not already submitted a copy of the card (front and back) or letter, you will need to submit verification of clearance no later than 12/01/15.
  • If you have already completed this step you do not need to repeat it.

***Create an account on Certified Background @ Detailed instructions were attached to your "Next Steps" email regarding creating an account and uploading your immunization and additional application items.

STEP 2: Criminal Background Check #2 - Health Science CBC

Order dates: October 1, 2015- December 1, 2015

To Order Your Criminal Background Check:

UL32bg-Background Check (Use if you DO NOT have previous employment)
UL32emp-Background Check (Use if you DO have previous employment)

  • The cost of the CBC is $43.80
  • Health Science CBC must come back "Clear" before permission will be given to register.
  • Students will receive clearance from the Nursing Department, via their ACC Gmail, to register fro classes once the department has received notification of their clearance from the Health Science Compliance Officer. A student checking their status via Certified Profile does not constitute clearance. Students who have any issues with their CBCs will be notified by the Compliance Officer from the Dean of Health Science Office.


STEP 3: Clinical Requirements

Deadline: Tuesday, December 1, 2015
The following tests, vaccines, and certifications are required to be completed before you are allowed to practice in a clinical setting. They are to be completed and uploaded to your Certified Profile account by the deadline posted.

To Upload Program Specific Clinical Requirements:

  • Log-in to your Certified Profile account
  • In the "Place Order" field, enter the following code:
    • UL32im2-Clinical Requirement documentation listed below.

Physical and Tuberculosis Skin Test
All incoming students must have a physical and two-step TB OR a TB Blood Assay blood test prior to starting the program. If you opt to have the blood test, a copy of the TB Blood Assay report is required with your paperwork upload. The Health Data / Physical Exam form must be completed and signed by a physician or nurse practitioner. Please note: a two-step TB test series requires that you have two separate TB tests completed 1 - 3 weeks apart from each other (requires four visits).

CPR Certification
You must be certified by the American Heart Association [AHA] Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers ONLY. No other CPR certification will be accepted. If the CPR card you have expires before May 31, 2016, it must be redone (completed) prior to your paperwork submission deadline.

Please refer to the CPR Information Page for a list of approved sites for certification.

Health Insurance
Proof of health insurance for all health sciences students, consistent with the requirements of our clinical education partners, is required to be uploaded each semester by the posted deadline. With the increasing risks of providing patient care, it is necessary for you to be protected. This coverage is in addition to the accident insurance provided by the College. Proof of insurance must be uploaded each semester.

Students are required to keep the policy current and notify the program if changes occur. Failure to do so will result in removal from the clinical site and withdrawal from the program because students will not be able to meet their learning objectives.

  • Upload a copy (front and back) of your Health Insurance to your Certified Profile account. Coverage must cover the entire semester. If your insurance card does not show your name, you must also submit a copy of verification of eligibility from the insurance carrier showing you are covered under that policy.
  • Health Science Health Insurance Information Page

Flu Vaccine
The Flu Vaccine Record form is required and must be completed by the person/facility administering the vaccine. You may download the Flu Vaccine Record form from the Health Seasonal Flu Information Page. Please note that even if the flu vaccine is received in a "public" clinic, the information on the form must be completed in order to meet the clinical agency requirements. Please upload the completed form to your Certified Profile account. Use code UL32im4 for this requirement only.

Clinical Modules (Only scanned documents will be accepted. All picture uploads will be rejected by the department.)
All incoming students must complete the following modules. They can be found on the Documents, Modules, and Tests webpage. Make sure that you print each confirmation page and upload to your Certified Profile account using code UL32im2.

  • Spring 2016 Student Handbook - Read the handbook and then print, sign, and upload the last page: Statement of Understanding. Final version posted 11/10/15 .
  • St. David's Mandatory Education Module (Online Exam) confirmation/completion page
  • St. David's Statement of Responsibility Form
  • St. David's Confidentiality & Security Agreement Form
  • St. David's Commitment to Values Form
  • Seton EOC Education Module (Online Exam) confirmation/completion page
  • Seton Required Competencies Completion Form
  • Seton COMPASS Form - found under the "Forms" link on the ADN webpage
  • HIPAA Student Training Module (Online Exam) confirmation/completion page
  • ACC/HIPAA Confidentiality & Security Agreement Form
  • FERPA Release of Information Form (for this item only use code UL32im3)
Note: Upon completion of all clinical requirements, the nursing department will email students a clinical clearance ticket to submit on the first day of class to their faculty.


STEP 4: Drug Screen

Order dates: January 1, 2016 - January 15, 2016 ONLY

To Order Your Drug Screen:

  • Log in to your Certified Profile account
  • In the "Place Order" field, enter the following code: UL32dt
  • The cost of the CBC is $27.00
Drug Screens drawn prior to the posted time frame will be invalid and required to be redone at the cost of the student.


Orientation Date, Time, and Location

Use the following chart to determine when and where to show up for orientation. Please bring a sack lunch as well as paper and pen so you can take notes. You are not required to wear your uniforms to Orientation.





Contact Info

Round Rock

January 14. 2016

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Round Rock - 3336

Malanie Soliz


January 14. 2016

8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Eastview - 8223

Sheila Rodriguez


January 14. 2016

8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Map and Parking Directions

Lela Walker


Required Clinical and Classroom Materials

All Nursing students are required to comply with set uniform and instruction materials for both classroom, clinical and lab. Students will be required to purchase the following.

Lab Pack
The deadline for ordering your Spring lab packs is 12/23/16. After this date, any pack ordered will be charged an additional $75 service fee.
The student should:

Once all orders are received, the kits will be sent to the school in one shipment. You will receive your lab pack in the nursing skills lab on your first assigned date of RNSG 1413 skills class.

Clinical Uniform and Accessories
You may order your uniform from Total Uniforms at either of their locations:

For more information about the uniforms, see the Dress Code section in the ADN Program Student Handbook.
Estimated cost for two sets of scrubs, a lab coat and 3 school patches is approximately $100. A deposit of $40 is preferred at the time the order is placed.
You will be given an opportunity to buy gently used scrubs at orientation from the ADNSA. We cannot guarantee that your size will be available.
In addition to your uniform, please purchase the following uniform accessories at any uniform or medical supply store:

  • watch with a second hand
  • stethoscope
  • pen light
  • bandage scissors
  • ball point pen (black ink only)

You may purchase the listed equipment from any source, but if you wish to help support the ADNSA, feel free to make purchases from
Deadline: January 14, 2015

HESI Case Studies and Exam Payments

Additional Requirements and Information

Textbooks: ADN Textbook List

ADNSA: You are invited and encouraged to join the ADNSA (Student Nurse Association) for a onetime fee of $15.00. The ADNSA will be at orientation selling memberships, used scrubs, clipboards, t-shirts, and other great items!
Questions? Please email any questions you may have.

CEC Students ONLY: CEC Parking Information needs to be submitted to the Nursing Office NOT uploaded to your Certified Profile account.
First semester CEC students are required to park at the Erwin Center and walk across the street to CEC. Linked is the UT parking form that will need to be submitted to the Nursing Office along with your other paperwork by TBA. Click here for UT parking form.