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Counseling, Academic Advising, and Career Assessment

  • Health Science Counselors are available at the Eastview (EVC) and Round Rock (RRC) Campuses. Nursing students assigned to the Clinical Education Center at Brackenridge (CEC) are served by the EVC counselor or may seek the services of a counselor at any ACC Campus. Students may or may not need this type of support. If you encounter situational crises or difficulty being successful, a counselor can be helpful. Other services provided by counselors are career assessment and academic advising. Services are available by faculty referral, appointment, or walk in.

Your Counselor:

Eastview Health Science Counselor: Sandra Elizondo – Ph: 512-223-5810, email:

Round Rock Health Science Counselor: Emily OlsonPh: 512-223-0235, e-mail:

Financial Aid Services

  • Financial Aid offices are located at both Round Rock (RRC) and Eastview (EVC) Campuses. Nursing students assigned to the CEC are served by EVC or the ACC campus most convenient. The ACC Financial Aid offices can provide information about financial resources and sources to assist with financing education. Financial Aid services are available by walk in, phone or appointment.


  • Nursing department tutors have offices at Eastview (EVC), Round Rock (RRC) and Clinical Education Center at Brackenridge. Nursing department tutors are available to nursing students by faculty referral. General academic tutoring is available at all ACC Learning Labs by walk in or appointment. Learning Labs are available at all ACC onsite campuses. Students may use the most convenient campus.

Student Accessibility Services and Assistive Technology (SAS)

  • Student Accessibility Services and Assistive Technology (SAS) offices are at both Round Rock (RRC) and Eastview (EVC) Campuses. Nursing students assigned to the CEC Campus may be served by EVC but may go to the campus most convenient. Contact Accessibility Services at your campus if you believe you qualify for these services. Once qualified for services, Accessibility Services staff meet with you to determine reasonable, appropriate, and effective accommodations based on the enrolled courses and requirements.
  • To request services, complete the Accessibility Services application steps at the campus that is most convenient.

EVC SAS Coordinator: Marie Ostermeier -- Ph: 512-223-5159, e-mail

RRC SAS Coordinator: Luis Garza -- Ph: 512-223-0048, e-mail

Library Services

  • Libraries and Reference Librarians are available on each campus, including CEC. Reference Librarian services are available by walk in, appointment, e-mail, or phone during business hours. After hours ACC Reference Librarian services are accessed via AskAcademic chat service.