Associate Degree Nursing Department
RNSG 1247 - Concepts of Clinical Decision Making

Round Rock Campus, Fall 2015

**Note: This course does not start until week 6 of the semester.


  • Date: Monday, September 28, 2015
  • Time and Place: 0830 RRC Room 3337

Calendar: Fall 2015

Seminar / Class:

  • When: Mondays from 0830 - 1150
  • Where: RRC Room 3337.00


  • There are two tests and the final exam.
  • Tests will be given in the RRC nursing computer lab.
  • See calendar for specific dates


  • Lab attendance is MANDATORY.
  • Labs will follow lecture on Mondays from 1150 - 1330 with a lunch break.
  • This course focuses on four skills: phlebotomy, central line dressing and cap change, tracheostomy care, and tracheostomy suctioning. Labs will follow seminar.
  • Mastery Check off for 1247 skills will be on Monday, October 26 and may include trachestomy care, tracheostomy suction, and central line dressing change (no phlebotomy).