Associate Degree Nursing Department
RNSG 1341/1161 - Level 1 Round Rock

RNSG 1341 – Common Concepts of Adult Health


  • There is no formal orientation to this course for those students who have successfully completed the first 8 weeks of the semester. Information about course requirements and assignments will be available prior to the end of the first 8 week course (RNSG 1413). Students re-enrolling in the second 8 weeks will receive information from the RRC Level 1 Course Coordinator prior to the start of the course, and will attend a short orientation session during the first week of the course.

Calendar - Spring 2015


  • When: MW 8-12, some days until 12:30 pm, see the calendar
  • Where: RRC 3336

Skills Labs:

  • When: Tuesdays
    • Lab sections meet 8-12 or 12-4
  • Where: RRC 3229, Nursing Skills Lab
  • What to bring: lab module information, watch with second hand, lab packs, stethoscope/scissors

There are no 1341 Mastery Skills Check Offs

Dosage Calculation Test:

  • Students entering in the second 8 weeks will be required to take a dosage calculation test in the first week of the course. Tutorials will be offered. Students who successfully passed RNSG 1413 in the current semester are exempt from the dosage exam.

Level Mastery Skills Check-Off:

  • Students entering in the second 8 weeks will be required to pass the Level 1 Mastery Skills Check-off covering RNSG 1105 and 1413 skills during the first week of the course.
    • You may be checked off on any 1105 skills, plus two or more 1413 skills: physical assessment, medication administration, enteral tubes, or urinary catheterization.
    • You must satisfactorily complete the assigned skills to continue in Level 1.
    • Please practice the skills that you learned in RNSG 1105 and 1413 over and over until you have mastered them, in preparation for the Level 1 Mastery Check-Off

RNSG 1161 Adult Health Clinical I

Clinical Schedule:

  • There are approximately 12.5 clinical hours per week in this course. Students remain in the same clinical group as in RNSG 1160 and clinical start/end times and sites will remain the same as those in the first 8 weeks. For students entering in the second 8 weeks, placement in a clinical group will be determined on the first day of the semester. Newly entering students should consult the Level 1 RRC calendar (Spring 2015 ) for clinical dates.
  • Additional clinical preparation time, including time in the clinical facility, may be required on a weekly basis, depending on assignments.