Associate Degree Nursing Department
RNSG 1443/1360 - Level 2 Round Rock

RNSG 1443 - Complex Concepts of Adult Health

  • Date: Tuesday, January 20, 2015
  • Time and Place: 8:00am - 10:30am Room 3337 - IV Lecture will start at 10:45am. There will be time for lunch between the IV lecture and the IV lab.
  • What to bring:
    1. Copy of syllabus RNSG 1443 (on Bb)
    2. A signed copy of the release forms for the 1443 (theory) and 1360 (clinical) syllabi (See Blackboard)
    3. Clinical clearance slips
    4. Calendar
  • IV Lecture and Lab:
    1. Please come to the lab at 1300. Room number will be posted on the whiteboard on 2nd floor outside lab.
    2. This is a mandatory lecture and lab! You must wear scrubs!

Clinical assignments: Please be sure you have an accurate email address on file with ACC. Without it, you will not have access to the Blackboard site for 1443 where the clinical information is posted under the button labeled “Clinical”. For more information about clinical groups, see paragraph under RNSG 1360 below.


Calendar: Spring 2015 - Subject to change. Expect to be available for class, lab and clinical orientation throughout the first week. Please check the Blackboard site for the most recent version of the calendar once Blackboard is available.

Class: RNSG 1443
  • When: Tuesdays, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
  • Where: Room 3337
  • When: see calendar for dates and times
  • What to Bring: lab pack, IV notes, IV drug books ("2013 Intravenous Medications", Gahart)

Mastery Skills Check Off: MASTERY CHECK-OFF WILL BE HELD AT RRC IN THE LAB ON 2ND FLOOR WEDNESDAY, January 21, 2015 starting at 0800. This comprehensive mastery skills check-off will be over previously learned skills in Level 1.

Please practice the skills that you learned in Level 1 over and over until you have mastered them. Remember to utilize your Taylor videos on each skill. All students registered for Level 2 are required to be at the Level 1 mastery check-off.

  • You will be checked off on injections (IM, sub-q) plus one of the following skills:
    • Catheterization (male or female Foley catheter insertion)
    • NGT insertion
  • You will be given a patient situation and must satisfactorily complete the assigned skills to continue in the course. Please bring your lab pack and drug books with you.
  • The lab will be open the week before the semester begins for practice. You are encouraged to take advantage of this practice opportunity. The lab calendar is posted on the ADN webpage

Dosage Calculation Test:
  • You will be required to take a dosage calculation exam as part of course orientation. It will be given during your clinical orientation the first week of the semester. Please review dosages and calculations and conversion factors from metric to apothecary and vice versa! You must pass the exam with a 90% before you can pass medications in clinical.

RNSG 1360 - Clinical

Contact Person: If you have any questions, please email: Lea Melvin or Cheryl Wawrzyniak

Background information:  A change was made by the clinical agencies to the way clinical groups are created and assigned. This was done to insure that students have access to the Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) by the time they are oriented to their assigned units each semester. The names of all the potential level 2 students were sent to the agency that assigns the clinical sites for all nursing students in the Central Texas Area (Austin Metropolitan Area). This was done at the close of registration. Your name was on the list if you were eligible for admission to level 2 or would potentially be eligible for level 2. Do not be concerned whether or not your registration was complete as we transmitted all of your names. Because the assigning agency passed the information along to the clinical site, each site has already sent the names and assigned units to their IT department for activation of your account. Therefore there will be no changes made to the assigned clinical groups. We understand that this is a change, new information, and may pose a hardship for some of you. However, we must comply with the new guidelines for Clinical Sites.

Clinical Groups: We will not know your assigned unit and times until the week prior to the start of class. That also means that we do not know our own times or units also. The list will be posted on the Blackboard site and will be available when Blackboard becomes available to the students. Again please note that there will be no way to change your assigned clinical unit, site, or times as your account was activated for that unit only. Please make sure you have an accurate email address on file at ACC. Without an accurate email address, you will not have access to the Blackboard site.