Associate Degree Nursing Department
RNSG Mobility LEVEL 1 - EVC, FBG

RNSG 1517

Orientation: Orientation Info
Date and Location info are listed on the above website.

Calendar - Fall 2015

Class (or Seminars:)

  • Where:
    • Austin - see calendar
  • When: see Fall Calendar

Dosage Calculation Test:

  • You will be required to take a dosage calculation during the second week of the semester. So review your dosage calculation!

RNSG 1140

All students will be required to pass a comprehensive mastery skills check-off on the second day of class to demonstrate proficiency in previously learned skills. Students will also be required to pass an additional comprehensive mastery skills check-off at the end of the course to demonstrate proficiency in the skills learned during this course. Students will have three (3) opportunities to demonstrate competency.

  • You will be given a patient situation and have to complete several Skills satisfactorily.
    • The lab will be open the week before the semester begins if you want to practice.
      You are encouraged to take advantage of this learning opportunity.
  • You must pass this satisfactorily to continue in the course.

For further information please review the ADN Student Handbook.


  • Where: Eastview Campus
  • When: 1st 6 weeks of class
    • Wednesday: 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. Lab
    • Thursday: 3 p.m. - 9 p.m. Lab
  • What to Bring: Lab pack - See orientation information above.

Text Books: See orientation information above.

RNSG 1263 Clinical

RNSG 1170 Nursing Process