Associate Degree Nursing Department
RNSG 2213 - Mental Health Nursing

RRC Theory Course Fall 2014


  • Date: Monday, August 25, 2014
  • Time and Place: RRC 3339.00 (or as soon as checkoffs are done)
  • What to bring:
    1. Hardcopy of syllabi signature page for RNSG 2213 and 2160. (Print from Blackboard.)
    2. Hardcopy of class material for orientation day. (Check Blackboard announcements.)
    3. Copy of course calendar.
    4. Psychiatric Nursing textbook (Varcarolis' Foundations of Psychiatric Menal Health Nursing; Halter, M.J., 7th edition, 2014).

Calendar – Fall 2014

Theory Lecture:

  • When: Mondays from 9:30a - 12:20p
    • Occasionally, class time will vary due to labs. Refer to the final version of calendar on Blackboard and check BB announcements each week before class.
  • Where: RRC Room 3339.00


  • Review sessions will be offered prior to each unit exam and the final exam
  • Tests will be given in the RRC nursing computer lab. (3 unit exams and one final exam)
  • See course calendar for specific dates and times for exams.


  • Labs follow immediately after theory in same classroom.

RNSG 2160 Clinical

  • Where: Austin State Hospital or Shoal Creek Hospital
  • Orientation for Group A: Thursday, August 28th, 8:00a - 3:00p. See BB for details.
  • Times and Dates: Clinicals are Wed/Thurs OR Thurs/Fri. Hours are approximately 6:30a-2p for days and 1:15p-7:15p for evening. (Some groups will go Wed day / Thurs eve or Thurs evening/Friday day with a slightly different schedule) See BB for more information. Each rotation is 5 weeks. Community Project counts for 4 hours of clinical time.

Semester Requirements:

  • Prior to attending clinical, students must provide documentation of:
    • Clinical Clearance Ticket

If you have any questions, please contact Kitty Viek (Course coordinator)