Associate Degree Nursing Department
RNSG 2432 - Enhanced Concepts of Adult Health

RNSG 2432 - Enhanced Concepts of Adult Health




  • Textbook: Lewis, Medical-Surgical Nursing-9th edition (2014)


  • Date: Tuesday, January 17th
  • Time and Place: EVC 8111 from 8:00am - 1:00pm
  • What to bring: Module 1 and Lab 1 from RNSG 2432 Blackboard Course Documents, Level 4 calendar and syllabus for RNSG 2432 onsite, and a basic calculator for dosage exam.

Calendar - Spring 2017

Graduation Information - Graduates click here for critical dates!


  • When: Mondays from 8:30-12:30 and most Tuesday mornings
  • Where: EVC 8111

Labs/Simulation Days:

  • When: see calendar for dates
  • Check Announcements and Blackboard for lab groups and expectations
  • What to Bring: lab pack, drug books, class notes and syllabus

Mastery Skills Check Off:

There will be a comprehensive mastery skills check-off over previously learned skills including:

  • Injections (IM, sub-q, intradermal);
  • Catheterization (foley and In and Out);
  • IV's (IV push, hanging a piggy-back, starting an IV, calculation of drop rate) and setting ml's per hour;
  • Trach care and suctioning;
  • Central line dressing changes,
  • Inserting Dobhoff feeding tubes and NG tubes.
  • Identifying IM sites
  • You will be given a client situation and have to complete several skills satisfactorily.
  • You must pass this satisfactorily to continue in the course.
  • You must also complete the skills written quiz and submit it to your clinical instructor. Skills Written Quiz.

Dosage Calculation Test- You will be required to take a dosage calculation during the first or second day of class. So review your dosage calculation! You may find this calculation web site helpful as a review!


Submit the four (4) required RNCEU's (Due clinical orientation day or as specified by instructor) Do not pay for these modules.

  • Instructions:
    • Access
    • Click on Course Catalog
    • Scroll down on the left hand side to access:
      1. Understanding Coagulation Tests
      2. Understanding CBC
      3. Understanding Liver Function Tests
      4. Understanding Renal Function Tests
    • Complete all 4 CEU's, print the post test and complete the post test, turn in to your clinical instructor on the first day of clinical or as instructed.

RNSG 2362 – Clinical Nursing:

  • This clinical component enables the student to apply the theories, concepts and knowledge as presented in RNSG 2432 to the practice setting, includes management components.
  • Clinical Schedule: (may vary during implementation of management component). Each clinical instructor will give you a clinical schedule the first week of clinical.